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hey mom! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Hi sweetheart! *Heart* How are you? I'm gonna read/review someone during my lunch *Cool*
HBD Cupcakes
Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

*Cake**Cake2**ConfettiG* *ConfettiR* Happy 10th WDC Anniversary NIKKI!!!! *CakeB* } *CakeP* *ConfettiO* *ConfettiV*
*Confettir* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 10TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, NICKI! *Cake* *Confettip* *Confettiv*
Hi there!

I see you're a member of the Angel Army Patrol so I'm dropping by to celebrate The WDC Angel Army 's 10th Anniversary with you!

May your halo shine bright
As you flit round this site
Spreading cheer and delight
To us all, day and night! *Angelic*

*Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* *Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* Happy 9th Account Anniversary! *Heart* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

Happy Account Birthday!
*CandleB* *ConfettiBL* *GiftV* *ConfettiY* *CakeB* *ConfettiP* *BalloonY*
I just want to wish you an happy account anniversary!
Already 8 years at WDC, that's AWESOME!

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Hey, Nicki!
Happy 8th WDC Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!! *Cake2**GiftR*

Have you seen this? "Note: In Celebration of WDC's Big 15th Bir..." ? It said to tell a friend and I thought of you! *Heart*
And why are you on Cloud 9 my dearest friend???
Had a fender-bender this afternoon. My fault. Got a ticket. Bummed about the whole ordeal. On the bright side, hubby popped out the dent in about 10 seconds flat. He's awesome like that.
Uh oh! Glad you're okay *Smile*