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I typically listen to music with screaming in it.

The first chapter of my book Hopefall is up, if anyone would like to read or review it I would highly appreciate it! If reviewed I can give GPs too, directly to the reviewer until I figure out how to do it automatically, if possible...

I've also written a sort of mini scene that would ideally go before the first chapter, but to avoid making it another item when it could have been a chapter in that space, or putting it into the first chapter (Throws it off, in my opinion), I'll put it here. If you're interested in reading more, feel free. ^-^

Michael laid sunken into the couch for hours, fiddling with his old wedding ring in one hand. Moving it from one finger tip to the other, thinking back on life.
As if a reflection of his mind, the trailer was filled with trash and old furniture or possessions left behind by the previous owners. Piled up with strategically placed cans and bottles under windows, in front of doors, really the only security system the two have. Taken down and set back up any time they leave and return for supplies.

Then there was Britney. Her drawings covered the walls, taped or tacked. Drawings of nature. Trees, animals, old memories of things she needed to get out of her head. Those were usually torn down, as if she could ever draw faces anyway.

Michael hid the ring in a fist at the sound of her shifting, sleeping not far away. After all, he felt no desire to explain what he held. With the tales her mother told her of his treatment, she wouldn’t want to know he still kept it.

He gazed over to the ring after a while, holding it at an angle and reading its inscription. “Always and forever”, put there by his deceased wife.

What a beautiful lie that was...
Hey guys.
So, um, I just wanted to share a sort of song that means a lot to me. I feel it's shaped my childhood and who I am today. Its lyrics are deep, the music is moving, the video communicates emotions I couldn't fully understand as a child. The way the singers in it interact shaped my relationships in the future, as well.

But it is special to me. And I hope it is special to you.

As you f*cking should be. To think you were above this song should be assault.
He's a God.
I can't believe you subjected me to that song *Facepalm*
Each scream represents a good memory with my brother, whose profile can be found on my Port. May there be many more.

Someone is bored tonight... *Rolling*
Get out.
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On here, what is a "raid" exactly?
Near as I know, it's just a fun little thing for the community of certain clubs to do, earn extra gift points, and do some more targeted\themed reviewing.
Ohh okay. Thanks!
Hi there! The "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group hosts Review Raids once every month as a way to encourage our members to review and make it fun! *Bigsmile* There are always prizes and double review credits given out. As the most prolific reviewing group on the site, our members pride themselves on giving encouraging, honest, kind, and quality reviews and Raids are just one way the group leaders celebrate and reward our efforts!

I see you’re a member of our group, so you must have gotten Nixie- forever thanking anon. ’s emails announcing the Raid. All details for the Raid happening today (Dec 12th) can be found here: "Invalid Item *Cool*

I hope you’ll join in!

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A tribute to my brother, Breach written by myself and Arthur Aaron

My hatred for you has grown
You're the greatest evil this world has known
During moments of gluttony your true self comes out
Like when you came out of the closet
It was always there, we saw's it

Never have I been so disrespected
Never have I been so neglected
Cruelness is an art you've perfected
Treating me like I'm old and decrepit
I've given you my love, but like trash, you tossed it

You gave me a smile, expecting me to buy it
Like my hopes, take my heart and saw it
Just like my message
I know you saw it
What....the heck...is thiiiiiiiis!? *Rolling*