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Why the stars left my eyes

I had somehow succeeded
in losing track of my existence
in a pandemic whilst studying three careers
in one
as I grew apart from my faith that I am holding on
to for dear life.

I'm stuck between drinking and partying and life as such and being a farm girl.

And all I want is clarity
of this catastrophe
exploding in me
as I smile and laugh at the foolish joke my brother had made
about my current liking of the Korean ethnicity.

It might be breaking my heart slightly but there's so little left of it he might as well carry on.

And I doubt I believe in "a love so strong..."
I've been in the company
of my parents for
too long.

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Beautifully written, particularly the end. I get a feeling of disillusionment and of losing faith / hope in the world as it is (not just your religion).

I hope you get some clarity and peace!
My mother is no angel
My father is no saint
Sometimes the devil loves me
and God showers me with hate

Yet I still keep my faith
wrapped in linen
in the furthest chamber in my heart

For no particular reason
I guess.

But I'll see you at church next week
as I always do
I'll be in the corner
of the room
between the broken vases
and withered roses covered in thorns


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I think the images are strong enough to be worked on. I do hybrid poetry and prose at times. There is a story here (set in a church?), a lament (broken vases/withered roses), a short poetic quatrain (your first four lines) that feels like mantra someone might repeat.

As is they are just stray thoughts, but I've come up with stories or poems with less to work with.
It's quite sad really, that my father doesn't seem to notice how he is pushing me in the same direction he is trying to blind me from.

I believe I might just pack my bag and leave.
In a rush.
And he'll break into a pathetic million pieces as I do every day.
What a shame...

Are sympathizing for me or for him?
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I'm so sorry about that. Perhaps you should talk to him. Definitely don't leave to punish him or "to show him" as it sounds like you are considering. Though at the appropriate age (depending on your nationality, culture, maturity level, financial status, etc.) there will be a time you will leave anyway. Just be sure you leave with love and grace in you heart for both you and him. *Care* Good luck!

Is it so wrong to want to imprint my body, mind, thoughts, and habits so permanently into another being that they won't be able to tosh around at night without feeling my weight sagging into the mattress beside them?

Or am I just a writer?
Is it so wrong to want to imprint my body, mind, thoughts, and habits so permanently into another being that they won't be able to tosh around at night without feeling my weight sagging into the mattress beside them?

Or am I just a writer?
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