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Friday Humor

For those who like apocalyptic stories (or rats from space LinnAnn nano 10 target *Laugh*), I thought this might tickle your muse ...

Last cats on earth...

yes, 🌙 HuntersMoon I know, I do have a cat and she's lovable like my border collie. Okay I think it's cute!❤️
Hmmm, looks like my Amazon package got delivered to the wrong address. *Cat*
I see you posting about your kids and grandkids. Let me tell you, my dog Macy is always surprising me with just how smart she is...

Macy is a Smart Dog

"I've run the numbers and we just can't afford another pet...."

*Macy sets Schnujo is NaNo-ing to ignore*

"Schnujo? Haven't seen her, boss. Probably busy with NaNo."


Naomi’s in a NaNoWriMo Mess's GIF is proof that anyone with a cat who says they won NaNo is a LIAR! *Laugh*
Hey 🌙 HuntersMoon ,
I forgot your birthday and I wish you a happy belated birthday. I hope you had a fabulous day on your birthday.

Talk to you soon.

Um. I don't know how I missed the notification for this but forgive me my friend.

Have a great day and year!
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday Ken!! *Delight*
*Heartb* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatR* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeV* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatG* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *Heartb*
*Wolf* Happy Birthday, 🌙 HuntersMoon ! *Wolf2*
*HeartG* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatB* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeB* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatP* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *HeartG*
animated happy birthday


All these fascinating gifs. I must be the only one who doesn't know how or where they come from!

At least I have an animated one! Hope your day is great!
Have a simply Mahhhhhvelous birthday, Ken! *Heart* *Witch*

Happy Happy Birthday to you! *Heartb* *Smile* *CakeB*

Happy birthday.
*BalloonP**BalloonV* Happy Birthday Ken. Have a wonderful and blessed day! *BalloonP**BalloonV*