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The Quarantine Quandary

Another holiday approaches in these times of self isolation. To lessen the impact, be creative and involve the whole family. 🤣

Remember, just because it's serious, doesn't mean it ain't funny...

*Laugh* *Rolling*
I heard there was a contest on WDC for the best home-cut pumpkin photograph. I assume this is your entry, Ken! *Pthb*
This could be considered extremely disturbing......................I love it
I think the most disturbing thing is that it's the young children (including the baby) who look uncomfortable with the whole concept, while the adults are completely into it.

Maybe it is because they know that picture will come back to haunt them...probably when they are about 14 years old.
Happy late birthday.
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday Ken!! *Delight*
I hope your birthday has been wonderful
Happy birthday, dear one! Have an amazing day and week! *Party*
Happy birthday, Ken!!! *Cake*
Have tons of fun!
*CakeB* Happy Birthday *CakeB*
Happy Birthday old man. Have a great day.
Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself *Dog1* *Hearty* *Sun* *Hearty* today and have a wonderful Day & Year!! *Paw* *Cakeb* *Hotair* *Balloonv* *Heartb* *Cow* *Thumbsup* *Butterfly2R* *Tulipr* *Leafr* *Pumpkin*
Happy Birthday!


Have a great day, my friend. See you around the site.

Happy Birthday! Hope your special day is just as special as you are.

Happy Birthday Hunter, hope your day is special.
Alexi *Heart*