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So, we're leaving Sunday and pushing toward the Dreaded Monday. If you plan something fun, you can make it a day to look forward to.

For me:

Just a thought... *Laugh**Rolling*
I did this by accident! I worked at a YMCA back in the days before mobile phones, and rang a wrong number and told them I was ill. The lady on the other end sounded like our receptionist, and she was quite happy to take my illness.

Fast forward two hours and my boss calls asking where I am.

That was something I never really lived down for the rest of my time there...
I'll have to give this serious - so to speak - consideration. Closest I've come to this? Lived in Colorado for ages, in Area Code 303. Moved to the Detroit, Michigan area - Area Code 313 - for my 1st two years of high school. Moved back to CO for my last year of H.S., then joined the Army. From my Army school near D.C., I told the operator I wanted to place a Collect Call to my dad at 313-697-xxx5. A gentleman answered and accepted the charges. He didn't sound much like my dad, so I asked, "Dad?" He answered, "Yes?" Still didn't sound right, so, "It's Mike." "Who?" That's about the time the incorrect Area Code started flashing in my brain.
I still hope he got the phone charges reversed.
I will call my home phone and leave the mesage, then I listen to the message I will know why I am not all there.
Just a stray thought... which, unfortunately, seems to be the only kind I have anymore. *Laugh*

Can I get an "Amen?" *Laugh**Rolling*
I feel like saying, "Ditto!" not amen to this. *Wink*
I can relate to all of it. Especially the humor part though. I don't think I'll ever outgrow "potty jokes" - or butt jokes for that matter. *Rolling*
Been there, still doing that!
I've been wandering through "Wonderland one step closer to the Red Queen every day. On my way, I stopped by your notebook to say hi. Hope you're having a great day!
No matter how alone you feel, never give up HOPE.

This is a post for Jaeyne of the Free Fab Five ! *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling*
"Recently single?" the white sock said.
"Yup," said the pink sock.
"Well I'll be darned," replied the white sock. *Facepalm*
They were sad sacks socks until they united.
C'mon... Fess up. I'm not alone in this *Laugh*

Welcome to the first full day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere, of course... Is the any other? *Rolling*)
Chocolate is made from a bean and so counts as part of fruit and vegetable intake, as well as dairy.
That would be a resounding YESSS!
Oh, that medicine! Does your medication have a percentage of the cocoa?
My vegetarian son won't accept any chocolate under 85%.
Me, I'll take anything 40%, 50%, 60% or any unknown percent, as long as it is chocolate. *Laugh*
So, I was scrolling through the Newsfeed and seeing all the activity there. So many members doing so many things! *Shock2*

As for myself:

Good morning WDC. Happy St. Patrick's Day
Have another drink like my Uncle John O'Hara. He woke up today also for an hour or two. I feel like I just kissed the Blarney stone.
Perhaps too much St Paddys Day caffeinated brew keeping you up?
Welcome to the world! Have a mug of green beer tea.

BREAKING NEWS: In March a recurrent Rabbit Hole appeared at WDC, and it's called The Wonderland Challenge

Here we find a whole lot of busyness filled with naughty kittens, telescopic telescopes and tea parties, but most of all a great deal of storytelling.

A Wonderous Tumble   (E)
my 2024 Compendium
#2313325 by H❀pe of House Lannister

Please HuntersMoon, visit my wonderbook and feel free to comment, I need your encouragement to carry on!

I'm not sure where this fits in along the timeline but for those who have been following the "Adventures of Ruby" with Ԝ€ß☆ԜiʈCH

I suggest replacing the radiator fluid with holy water.
Uhm, this car isn't named Christine is it?
Owner: "I accidentally filled it up with ethanol."

Priest: “I cast you out! Unclean spirit!”

Just thought you'd like to know. *Whistle*

JACE - House Targaryen - I can attest - based on your response - that in fact you ARE happy, intelligent and good-looking.

PS You know where to send the GPs. *Rolling*
I knew that already, looked in the mirror and wondered as old as I am, What a good looking guy got back to me. Write them on my friend, Love UM.
*Heart* Of course. That is a valid study. Well worth its high throne in all literature and written stuff.
Thank you for being such a wonderful Secret Valentine!
You did your job well, Cupid!

One of life's many puzzles...

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Can't get that buzz from Monday to Friday That you get Friday to Monday might be the answer.
I've just edited a long-forgotten item in my portfolio:
The Ballad of the Wer-Moth  (E)
For those that spew, with acid tongues, their thoughts ... Beware! (Form: Ballad)
. Thank you IE for the review and suggestions!
The things you'll do when you're bored...

Talk about a touch of sadism and comedy at the exact same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess thats why they tell you, "you can't pick your friend's nose"!*Rolling*
Funny. *Smile*
So, how are those New Year's resolutions coming along?

(and no, that's not me. I don't look that good... *Laugh*)
All failed, but 2025 will be my year for sure!
Since I never made any, all is good.
I'm teetotal. Made it to the gym and walked right past!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You, Any Mouse, for the surprise GPs!

Animated clapping mouse
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