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Thank you Any Mouse... *Laugh*

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Yup I got pranked again as well. It's funny, if you think about it.
Hey Robert Waltz ...

I was passing through Charlottesville earlier. I think I was near your house.

I looked but didn't see you. *Shock2*

I was getting drunk in the comfort of my own home, thanks.
You mean he wasn't on the level (crossing)?
*Rolleyes* *Facepalm*
Never mind. Ignore that, please.
FINALLY! After years of trying to contact the other side, SUCCESS!

It's getting as bad as trying to watch the Olympics. Who knew commercials were a sport?

I just renewed my extended warranty. A cup of "Joe" will do it every time.
when scammers call, and ask how I am, I start telling them all my problems and end with,"it was nice of you to ask. bye"

PLEASE, if you're under 65 - GET VACCINATED. 48% of you don't have a good reason not to. I have at least one good reason for you to!

I've been wondering why lamps flicker, when I walk past them.
My microchip is censoring the image. Is it funny?
It surprises me that they can try to require the vaccination for this and flights, etc. Our medical records are supposed to be confidential and it is supposed to be unlawful for anyone but a care provider to require seeing anything concerning them. Not cool. Maybe we should ask them to see proof they have gotten the vaccination as well. Yep, feeling ornery today!
One last thought...

Wife decided we'd go meatless for a meal... and no, it had nothing to do with her faith *Laugh* - it was just one of her whims. As I searched my plate, I made a discovery:


Have a great weekend!
I have to say, I love that and that's funny for sure. It made my day when I read this.
No wonder I like potatoes! *Rolling*
I love potatoes
but I have to speak up
for *Carrot* *Carrot*
they make *CakeP*

Saw this and immediately thought of Lilli β˜• followed closely by too many to name. *Laugh* Here's your Friday smile...


Perfect, πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon. Coffee is the quickest way to my heart - before 5pm anyway, lol.
The quickest to a mans heart is through his rib cage
Has anyone else noticed that - since COVID - wives spend a LOT of time watching cooking shows? It's gotten so bad that every night is like:

"What's for dinner?"

"I saw Rachel (or Emeril or Martha) make this really great..."


I will admit, her cooking has improved since she discovered that the smoke alarm wasn't the kitchen timer... 🀣
My wife makes Vatican meals....
When she starts and the kitchen fills with black smoke, it's cooking
When the kitchen fills with white smoke, it's ready
I'm doing something wrong. My smoke detector doesn't go off when I cook. Should I let it go longer?

For the first five years of my marriage, Mr J had a sign taped to the smoke alarm that said, "Jayne's cooking timer"🀣

...and there was that one time a neighbour came over because he "knew it's not really my business, but that is a lot of smoke coming out the window. I thought maybe, you know...well, you're alive and conscious, so I'll go now."

I have vastly improved over the last 20 years lol
Wishing All A

We The People...  (E)
Remembering why we celebrate July 4th. A Poetry Topic Entry (Form: Wrapped Refrain)
#2253722 by πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon
Happy 4th of July, πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon !
Happy 4th of July, my friend. You and your family stay safe.
Happy 4th of July, Ken!
After waiting FOREVER, Lornda "The Queen of Comedy" has regained her sense of humor throne *Laugh*

"The Humorous Poetry Contest

is now open and accepting funny, humorous, and/or knee-slapping poetry of all shapes and sizes and all ratings up to 18+

Join me in filling her forum with mirth!

Need a smile/groan/chuckle? Over 18? Feeling mean and just want to pick on someone? Feel free to comment on mine. *Rolling*

The Impatient Princess  (18+)
It's not nice to keep the Princess waiting... A Humorous Poetry Entry (Form: Ottava Rima)
#2253702 by πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon
That poem is wicked. Now that you're back full force we mere pretenders to the throne must gather our crumbs and go home...

Or not!

I seriously don't write humor but I put it on my July to-do list. 2nd place is still open right? *Smirk2*
@ KΓ₯re Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville I hope so! If you enter, that means there'll be a spot for me *Laugh*
*Rolling* Thanks for the awesome *Plug* for "The Humorous Poetry Contest! *Heartb*

I'm looking forward to reading your poem! *Bigsmile*

Thank You Monty
for finding merit in my poem

Traitors In Our Midst  (ASR)
We swore an oath... πŸ† First Place: Honoring Our Veterans June 2021
#2252515 by πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon

Merit Badge in Honoring All Who Served
[Click For More Info]

for placing in the June 2021 Veterans Contest

Get ready WDC. A new round begins soon and July is the perfect month to
Honor our Veterans!
So true and I love your poem, πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon . Very Well Written.

Well said, my brother!

HM1,USN, Ret.
Just a reminder:

Sunny's "Monthly Poetry Contest
runs through June 28 and could still use a few entries.

Included in the prompts, you'll find a few outliers. *Laugh* I mean, what do you write to "grey plot" that doesn't include "Fifty Shades?" *Rolling*

Of course, that's the one I picked but there's more to choose from.
If you'd like to garner a review credit, please feel free to look over where I took the prompt. "Carry On!
Hmm. ... Are you inviting reviews of your poem as a WIP or as a finished poem?
@ Northernwrites I guess that depends on the comments *Laugh*
Hmmm, I wrote a poem called Shades of Grey (it's around here somewhere) at least a decade before anyone was talking about 50 of them.... But, maybe I'll scribble something new for one of the other prompts πŸ˜‰ Thanks!
As part of my "June Resurgence" (I'm writing again after a year plus off) I wrote a poem for the "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest for this prompt:

DDPC Prompt Round 45

Am I the only one who wonders why πŸŒ‘ Darleen chose Ivanka Trump as a prompt? πŸ˜‚ 🀣

Oh, yeah... if you want to see how badly my erstwhile skills have deteriorated: "Skin Deep

You are a crazy man! *Laugh*
You’ve got us where you want us. O P E N I T.
WOOHOO! Congratulations!

Does this mean I'll be seeing you back around "The Contest Challenge again? *Bigsmile*

Good luck with your new writing adventures!
Just wanted to mention that as judge I have to echo the sentiments of πŸŒ‘ Darleen as it is truly a pleasure to have you back in our contest. You were sorely missed!
😁 A Self Promotion P.S.A. 😁

Sure, in your heart, you’re only as old as you feel. But the U.S. government, companies, retiree associations, and retailers are a bit blunter in whom they consider a β€œsenior citizen.” Age 65 is still the standard senior-citizen threshold.

Now, I know there's a lot of us on the site. So why aren't there more entries at the

There are a plethora of prompts to choose from.
NOTE: You don't have to be Senior to enter the contest.

Carol St.Ann is FIFTEEN! has been forced to scrounge entries, even lowering herself to challenging me for an entry! *Shock2* Of course, I never back down from a challenge *Laugh* and did manage to write a bit of dark humor for her. Read - or don't - at your own risk! But DO write an entry for June!

Entries aren't restricted to seniors either. Get your entries in, people!
Is it just for seniors or can anyone join and write a poem? I would like to try to write a poem.
Just stopping by to give a shout out to Monty and his contest:

Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty

Please, write something (both poetry and short stories are welcome) and keep him busy reading this month. There is no specific prompt to hold your imagination in check *Laugh*.

I took a radical approach to the subject of honoring our veterans this month with
Traitors In Our Midst  (ASR)
We swore an oath... πŸ† First Place: Honoring Our Veterans June 2021
#2252515 by πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon
*Blush* OK, it wasn't just to give Monty a shout-out. Maybe give it a read let me know what you think?
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So, along with being a fine writer and poet, you got to play muse today, πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon. Your poem, along with the memory of several news items, sent me along a not entirely dissimilar path. "Honor upheld [Honoring Our Veterans, 6/2021]
After weeks of trying to find the spark that motivates me to write, I think I've found it... maybe. *Laugh* I've added a new item to my portfolio at last *Shock2*

Dawnscape  (E)
The artistry of morning... A Solstice Poetry Entry (Form: Aubade written in Sonnet Form)
Nicely done!
YAY! I'm so happy for you! *Delight*
It's about time! Wait, wait... I mean it's awesome and Welcome Back! *Heartp* Sorry, I am typing this pre-coffee. *Facepalm*.
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