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Happy 11th account anniversary!
Joyful Birthday!
This is getting old. I feel like I'm sending messages out in a bottle hoping they'll land on your shore someday *Laugh*

Happy 10th, my friend, wherever you are!

Ken *BigSmile*
I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and on top of the best-seller list *Laugh*.

Happy Birthday!

Drop by sometime and say hello. You are missed.

Ken *BigSmile*
9 years ... well, not counting your long, long absences *Laugh*. Happy Anniversary. You're missed ... well, your talent and humor and ... You get the idea *Rolling*

Hope this finds you well. Still waiting on a name for your book so I can find it!

Warmest wishes,

Hey, I hear you have a birthday today, so happy birthday and I hope it is a special one. I love your favourite quotes and hope you get your book published and are successful. Well done.
Alexi *Smile*
My book is done...into editing mode. Maybe now I can rejoin the WDC community a little more.
Congrats! And I don't worry about getting ahead of things at all -- so when your book is available for purchase, I'll send you my copy with a pleading letter asking for you to sign it. Deal? *Smile*
Well, I'll be! I didn't know that you were writing a book. Nice! You're the second person I know today that I've heard has gotten their voice heard. Congrats, Hyperion. Good job!
Way to go ... it about time (LOL). Be sure to share when it's in print and ready to go. You know I love your writing! (PS - yeah, I want a signed copy too *Smile* Ken
Since you were a contestant last round, I thought I'd let you know "15 for 15 Contest --- Closed is starting June 6th! *Smile*
*Confettiv* Silly *Confettiv* Strings *Confettiv* your *Confettiv* notebook! *Confettiv*
Happy Near Year. Hope it's great! *Heart*
Hi, Jim! I'm first to scribble in your brand new notebook. Yay! What an honor. *Bigsmile*
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