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If you don't like somebody "preaching patriotism" or the like, I think you might like how a flag retirement was done at the closing (for ever) of a scout camp in California's Sierras.

I'm a boomer so I don't know (actually don't care to learn) how to link
my story "Firelight Honor" in my portfolio.

a note - that son of mine mentioned was eleven at the time, last year he retired at 20 years from the US Army career.
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Y'all know inherently right from wrong. It's good to see right in action.
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There was a time when journalists in America stood for something...

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The new Firebrand Times Newspaper is coming...

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New articles coming soon featuring our top journalists Miss Loren and Miss Rookie Tea.
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The new Firebrand Times Newspaper is coming...
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The new Firebrand Times Newspaper is coming...
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Things you should know about the media  (13+)
An article by Firebrand Times Newspaper journalist, Miss Rookie Tea
We just tickled to introduce our NEW journalist, Miss Rookie Tea
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...Glad to have you.
Firebrand Times Bulletin

Miss Loren LorenIsOneOfMyNames ,
Is acting lead journalist, and 2nd in command of our paper.
Congrats, hon.

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Medical Tyranny  (13+)
I guess since everything is subjective now, so is this...
Enjoy your red pill.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Freedom vs Safety  (13+)
An article by Miss Loren, lead journalist for Firebrand Times
Hotter than a preachers knee; we got this off the press.
Welcome Firebrand Times own lead journalist, Miss Loren.
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Shotgun Wedding Review Forum


The worst moments
happen when we plan them
and the worst things happen
when we allow them

I allowed you
to be more than I had strength for
when you only wanted to weaken me

I wrote this
after I ran into you
just to realize
I still run from you

youll find me anyway
just like you always do

you say Im closed off
my only vain mistake
was opening up to you,
and you still cant figure me out

Im burning pictures
while youre burning my poems
in your intoxicated apologies
you somehow quote them

now Im a falling star
wishing for you to keep your promise
promise me
one day youll face the truth

I wrote this
after wishing I never ran into you
youre still beautiful

let go of me
youre causing a scene
let go of me
this isnt my scene

its been awhile
since I wrote about you
its even easier to do
being without you

I refuse to
start this over again
why cant you refuse me
like you used to

Im burning pictures
and youre throwing furniture

the worst moments
happened because we allowed them

...So as yall know, I work with like 80% girls. With like 50% of them being ratchet, and 30% are actually respectable ladies. The remaining 20% of the total folks I work with are guys...(I think that adds rght)

But they of the base sort...Its like me and two other guys who feel dirtier leaving work than coming in...

And naw, I aint mean like how the word 'based ' is used NOW, I mean 'base' like the original meaning was meaning simple and ignorant...Lets just say the guys get a full blown kick out of these ratchet girls. Now, the respectable girls just LOVE to watch me reject the ratchet girls advances. They gather round like its a hopping john party with a dang endless cornbread basket. This happened to me at my first break today:

So, the 'birds of prey' circle me and go:

'Hey, we're asking the guys questions today. If you could have any girl you want, and you had her for an hour and she couldnt say no; what would you do with her?'

I says: 'If ammo wasnt so high, Id take her to the g*n range. I done always had a hard time getting a girl to go with me, and they ALWAYS say no.' Then I walked away.

The 30% of respectable girls laughed.
Shotgun Wedding Review Forum

If I lived for every word you said, your lies would leave me dead
If I died waiting for you to rescue me, Id live in that moment...

Moments like these just leave a bitter taste in my mouth-
moments like these just remind me of how sweet the taste of defeat is
when Im near you--

I want to haunt your days,
tell me its alright-
Id haunt your nights, just to hear you lie again,
tell me its alright-

lie again, its alright--

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