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Pay us no mind, aint like we planning nothing...
I am one step closer to White/Red Queen/King. Are you curious? Have you read Alice in Wonderland? Have you played chess? Then come on over to Wonderland. I’m one step closer to completing a month-long journey through the mind of Lewis Carroll. Again.
Wonderland 2021  (E)
This is where you will find all the Wonderland Contest items.
#2242515 by Queen NormaJean is in a wonder

I'm scared, lol
Don't I know you?
Greetings! Your Community Newsfeed post looked awfully familiar. Didn't you used to be bride with a thumbnail of a bride pointing a shotgun, along with the text "'Til death do us part. I'm workin' on it."?

If not, then it's just an eerie coincidence. If so - then welcome back!


Dang it, Soldier_Mike 🎺 , its ME!
I knew it! I hope you've been well, my friend.
Greetings to you! I hope you're enjoying your time here on-site. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. *ThumbsUpL*
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