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Okay, folks, I know everyone is full of cake and ice cream from the first week. I just finished posting my entry in the
A Terrifying Contest Of Horror And Three Time Quill Award Winner!
#2020439 by Lilli 🧿 ☕ Reviewing BBL

There are currently only two entries... plenty of room for more, It's an easy prompt this time: if I can do it anyone can...

The Awakening, Whose Nightmare is it?  (13+)
Nightmares come true but then the question is whose are they
#2305129 by Joey's saying Life's a Beach.

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Thank you, Joey!

Well, now, I would appreciate a few opinions on this one before I dare post it to the "The Bard's Hall Contest Cop Shop Mystery, 2023 edition. There is some stiff competition this month, and I need to step up my game. I managed to get the required 23 sentences and under a thousand words... but I need to know if it reads okay.

Founder's Day Fireworks  (13+)
The high-browed community's celebrations are marred by revenge.
#2304592 by Joey's saying Life's a Beach.

I managed to make a few pieces of artwork for it, but I can't decide what to use in the final version...

You have a review - abnd I have one more done for Schnujo's contest. *BigSmile*
I like the one with the guy, but I'd like it better if he was looking at her. Good luck making that happen. lol Or maybe they should be switched and each looking away from the other? IDK. Good luck! Nice images, though! *InLove2*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:

What No One Tells You about Publishing  (ASR)
The Dirty Little Secret About Creative Writing
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I just popped that into my Publishing folder in my Favorites. Thank you for that! *Heart* Will I ever get around to reading it? *Think* Well, let's just say I'll get around to reading it right before I get around to trying to get something published. *Think* *FacePalm* *Laugh* *Rolling* But thank you, anyway! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Okay. Have a nice whatever...
Don't you just love it when you get Fanned?? I have been...By Happy Anniversary Writing.com

She fanned me too. I wondered if it was a bot at first *Laugh*
I love that sign!
Howdy, friends and followers,

In 2012, as an Engineer, I was sent by the USAID to Mali, Africa, to help with a government project to build a new pumping station just north of the Niger River. But four months later, I was sent home in disgrace after refusing orders... not to get involved with the treatment of the local orphaned children.

My downfall started when I buried a boy of ten beside a dirt road. That story (initially written in 2015) is touched on in a revised short, "I Called Him Kicky.

The anniversary of that tragedy is soon upon me, and the little boy's face haunts my dreams again. Thus, the reason for this revisit to old writings.

Later, in 2015, a contest using a prompt picture came up, and the following story sort of fell out of a sad little muse who visits me often. Another child I never got to touch or hold.

The days wain ever faster in my heart, and I revisited this poor little entry. I fixed a few commas and have reposted it anew. I share only to ease the haunting in my soul. Please don't be afraid to tell me how foolish old men can be. I truly would like to know what you think.

A Light unto his path  (ASR)
A tried man daydreams in the woods
#2054747 by Joey's saying Life's a Beach.

Oh My, how I am learning to love my new app; it is going to be so much fun making skits and comics (oh sorry, graphic novels)

Hee hee, this is my answer to Lilli 🧿 ☕ Reviewing BBL 's

Question of the Day!  (18+)
Come answer a question, share a laugh, encourage one another, and bring me a coffee!
#2142667 by Lilli 🧿 ☕ Reviewing BBL

Yes, I am feeling very Jaded this morning!

Did you draw that?

Also, uh, is it weird that I like that he's so ripped. *Angelic* *Bigsmile* *Blush* *Facepalm* *Laugh*
Yes, I did...I made him with my new AI ART program. It is so cool I can make anything... even sexy villains for this month's Bard's Hall Prompt. Check this one out. 100% mine... I don't need to license or worry about copyrighting. It is entirely made up from my mage's mental wonderings.

Here's a new entry in ""Oh, Really, Joey, you can't say that!" my BLOG

"Is Politics the "Third Rail" on WDC I Hope you will give it a gander and a comment... unless I am 100% correct in my assumptions.

Politics is fun. Have you an opinion?

Bob Country
Haaa, Bob

Asking me if I have an opinion on politics is the same as asking if I breathe... Yes, I do. I find it a bit weird that here on WDC, most members would sooner be asked about their sex lives than how they voted last.

The body politic on WDC is our third rail... We only post in our BLOGs and on the occasional notebook posts. I think the reason has more to do with the membership not wanting WDC to turn into some other sites that divide into ranting, opposing factions.

We on WDC can all be liberal enough to embrace Creative Writing from any direction or depth without getting bogged down in the quicksand.

You can even get a review on an erotica romp through a naked jungle by a dozen near-naked fairy princesses from a daily bible quote poster without judgment. But ask a question about the swamps of northern Virginia, and all you will hear is crickets.

The rule is not written anywhere I have found, but it seems to exist anyway. I say this because the few times my angst has motivated my muse to take to her soapbox, it is rare that I get any feedback on any level.

I have found that most members want WDC to be about writing and learning how to do it better and leave the politics for the Tube, X, and the other Rumbling opinion sites. Here, it seems okay to be judged on how many times you incorrectly used a comma or leave things dangling. But discussing politics is viewed as a betrayal of the creative freedoms we all hold dear.

I don't know if a single word I have shared is accurate, but from my view down here in the weeds, it seems more likely than not.

I am always up to discussing any subject at any level. I just learned not to hang my political drawers on the line in front of the house. That doesn't mean I wouldn't toss them to air out on the back porch rail. Most of my best friends know the back porch is where they find me most.

OOH Raaa! Check out this new Fairy I just ran into down on the beach. Her name is Lilli, and she lives in Florida...

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Although she can get pretty toasted when someone leaves their unedited manuscripts lying in the sand.

Okay, one new entry in my BLOG space ""Oh, Really, Joey, you can't say that!"

"Question of the day: Do you follow your head or your heart?

Invalid Photo #1068531

This is my muse this morning; she's pretty sweet-natured today. Though I will warn she is not always. I asked her to describe herself on Mage.space and the image above is the result.
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My laugh was the result of reading the titles of the links above in succession. Brilliant. (Certainly not laughing at your beautiful-scary muse. I find my muse both gorgeous and terrifying as well. *Wink*)
Okay, I managed to get an entry finished for "The Writer's Cramp I think I even got it posted on how and where it is supposed to be. But then it only allows for 1000 words in this round. and those who know me, understand what a challenge with such constraints is to the likes of me...the current ranking member of the "L.W.A. on WDC"

Hee hee it's a Star Trek Prompt... what's not to like

After the Action Report, Senon, Seti-5  (13+)
AAR from Distress call from the unexplored planetoid Senon in system Seti-5
#2304226 by Joey's saying Life's a Beach.
Okay, somehow I managed to put together an entry for "The Writer's Cramp

U.S. Route 23  (E)
Adventures of two young lovers to celebrate a birthday
#2303849 by Joey's saying Life's a Beach.

A WDC birthday celebration. It sucks, (my entry, not the birthday thingy.) but what the hay... I did use two whole hours to compose it, well less the time to cook breakfast... thirty minutes but then, it is after all the spirit of competition we embrace is it not?
I've added a new entry to my book, ""Oh, Really, Joey, you can't say that!":

         "To Catch a Monkey… Are Humans harder to capture?
Of all the notebooks on WDC, I came across yours on the Newsfeed and decided to share this fun! *Ha*

Well, actually, I had to pick up a chance card in Modopoly and do this task. But hey ... I still chose YOUR notebook. *Bigsmile* *Witchlegs1*

Here's a super cool activity for you to check out and to join in during WDC's Birthday week ...
a Mod-o-Poly Celebration!  (13+)
Pick a token, roll the die, & seek out your luck as we celebrate Writing.com!
#2093109 by iKïyå§ama

You can thank me later, if you win!!! *Delight*

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