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Happy Birthday!!!
Happy 10 years
Happy Birthday!!!
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We never appreciate the gifts we have until one watches them falling, slipped from desperate grasping hands. You stare helplessly as your prize tumbles toward the jagged rocks below. Hope fades, but you resolve to be brave, to steady yourself, to accept the coming crash resting deep within the enveloping gloom.

"Appreciating the gifts Here's a word from someone out of the blue, Howdy, I love you for being my pals!

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"The Power of False Accusation to Destroy Real Victims.

Okay, the link above is to my Blog/Op/Ed essay. It contains no thought-provoking images, no elaborate fonts, or other distracting marketing tricks to embellish upon my ideas with any more power than the words themselves. I pray those that read them might weigh them in the light in which they are offered. That is as truths about me and why I react emotionally to the more recent events in our news cycles.

There are some dark secrets about me, I pray that their sharing doesn't lessen your opinion of me. But those recent events mentioned above demanded a reaction from that place deep inside, a locked cell, I almost nerve allow light to shine.

I'm on the road on the morrow, so I guess I will post my portfolio picture for August early. What's it all about, you may ask?

Well, you might take a gander at "Come on August from my Blog.
(note: Gander, as in taking a peek... Not bringing a goose to the set, it's hard enough to get a lion to sit still.)

Oh No!... Say it ain't so? Not another hapless plea for a review... Poor bugger is daft for sure.

Hi everyone, just a quick plug. I am looking for some feedback on an often considered, N0...no! A dreaded "Prologue."

It pays the max allowed for reviews, 7500 GPs!

I do not need, nor want, "Copyediting"... (it is too early to worry about those damned commas.)

I am looking for gut reactions, how it makes you feel... (if it does?)

Does it paint a picture of a story you might want to know more about?

Is it unique enough to stand out or is it just blasé? (We all know nothing can kill a story for an editor like a dragon. but is this a story about a wyvern or something else?)

Does it come off as too sanctimonious... too religious?

Damnation Averted… For Now  (ASR)
Two lifelong foes discover something in common
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What was the most important thing to ever happen on.... July 5th

It wasn’t Elvis recording “That’s All Right, Mama” at Sam Phillips’ Memphis recording studio in 1954

It wasn’t Algeria’s declaring their independence from France in 1962

And While Arthur Ashe winning at Wimbledon--- was exciting. His being the first for African-Americans to do so did not change much for the ordinary person’s life.

Yes, P.T Barnum, Edie Falco, and Huey Lewis all share the day as the anniversary of their entry into our world... but their births are not the biggest thing to happen on the July 5th.

Without a doubt, the one thing with the biggest impact on our world... is the appearance of Louis Reard's creation on this day back in 1946. It was the first summer after the end of WWII, and the world could not have been shaken any harder by his bombshell.

To find out what creation forever changed our view of the world...
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