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My life just got so interesting...My fourth child has broken his wrist playing on the playground at school. We are praying for a speedy recovery and waiting on paperwork to get in to see an Orthopedic. He's not in pain as of right now, but he's not moving it a lot either.
I hope he gets better soon. I'll be praying for his recovery.
I join in prayer for your son's wrist to heal in Jesus' Name.*Heart*
Hope it stays pain free, and fingers crossed for quick healing!
Good afternoon! I was checking out your Bio and I just wanted to say, I can't disagree with any of your Favorite Shows! Have a great day!
Thank you.
Wewoka, eh? My dad was born in Shawnee, his folks lived in Tulsa for quite awhile, and I've got an uncle down Fort Towson way. Small world. Have a great day, Cadie Laine -Celebrates WDC!!!.
*Butterfly2R* *MushroomV* *Vignette2* *FairyR* Happy Birthday Cadie! *Butterfly2R* *MushroomV* *Vignette2* *FairyR*

Thank you for all you do with the HSP classes and helping me improve my craft of writing. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday today and I hope it's a great day! *Heart*
see above.

Happy 5th with WdC!!!
Enjoy your day and always keep writing!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Happy Fifth Writing.com Anniversary!!

Many you have at least five more!

Have a wonderful day.

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you know registration has opened up for House of Sensual Prose. We have some great classes this summer session! 6 weeks of instruction.

See it Sultry, Write it Sultry  (GC)
HSP Class forum
#1800613 by Theresa

Excite When You Write Class Forum  (18+)
Forum for Excite Class
#1971352 by Theresa

We look forward to seeing you there!
Good Afternoon Everyone! Head over to the
HSP Fundraiser ~ Closes Tonight July 3rd  (E)
Raising funds for the HSP Group
#2224099 by Theresa

and have some fun in our raffle and fundraiser!
There are a lot great prizes such as badges you may not have, classes available through
WDC Writers University  (ASR)
writing classes offered exclusively to WDC members... a 2020 Quill Award Nominee
#2223767 by Jim Hall

Can't wait to see you there! *AsteriskV*
It just began this month. It's brand new to WDC.
That makes me feel much better *Laugh*
We are trying to get all the different genre teachers together for this university. We are hoping to make it available for anyone who wants to learn their craft better.
This has been an interesting year for me. Being off half the week of work has given me some major time to write. I have this tendency for my goals to totally fail. This time around I'm *Proud* I've kept up my goals, and kept up with what I've done (specifically) I'm feeling very accomplished.
Come see what I've done. Even if you just skim it.
My Destination of Goals  (E)
The place of my accomplishments
I've added a new entry to my book, "Voices in My Head:
         "May 2020 Welcome to my reality
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
My Destination of Goals  (E)
The place of my accomplishments

I have a sad moment this week *Sob*. I finished a really great book named Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I am going to miss this relationship with Raurk and Shanna. It was twisted and a great read!