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Happy Anniversary!*BalloonR**BalloonR*
Hey, i havnt been on in a while... I finished Terror of London! I'm typing up the finished product now, then I plan to post it on Supernatural Forum.
Happy (real) birthday! Have a great day!
Welcome to CSFS! Every now and again you will see me pop in! It's a wonderful place to be. *Smile*
Welcome to the CSFS. I'm sure you'll love it here- I sure do. It is the best choice a fantasy writer can make for their writing. Your muse will thank you!
Hi and welcome to CSFS. You'll love it here.

Welcome to the Coffee Shop! It's the friendliest group I've found, come in and enjoy. If you need anything, I can do my best to help :) Lox
Welcome, and if you need anything, call...Jeff
Hi Luis

I thought that I would stop by and say hello to the CSFS's newest member! *BigSmile*

Congratulations on your forthcoming publication! *Delight*

A E Willcox
Hi Luis welcome to the CSFS if you like dark ask Lord Hammerhelm for the Key for the "Shot in the Dark"
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Hey Luis also check out "The Steampunk Authors' Guild [E] and "Invalid Item *Exclaim*
Hi Luis Welcome to the CSFS! Hope you get what you need! All the best!
*RainbowL*Hi, luis, thanks for helping out on the "Review Me List for WDC Power -ON HIATUS! You are so appreciated as a Power Crew member! *Thumbsup*. You rock! *Star*