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I'm finding it difficult to write anything. Mostly because I once wrote a novel detailing abuse of a child, my ex-husband's attorney is using this against the prosecution in an attempt to prove that my daughter was not abused and made it all up after reading my book.

It seems we struggle with everything, we left over eight months ago and still no child support, not even a hearing yet. Working full time and being a single mom to two teens is kicking my butt financially, emotionally, and physically; but still, I press forward.

The girls and I were baptized less than a week ago and it feels like our lives have become the devil's playground in an attempt to prove that we made a mistake, but we know that we didn't.

A few weeks ago I was physically attacked by someone claiming to be a friend, I may need surgery to repair the damages ... and the list goes on.

All of this is taking its toll on us, but still we press on. I am sure that one day I will have the energy to write about all of the gory details, but for now I just want to count our blessings.
See next post. Hope things improve for you soon.
Hi Laura,

We have fought for child custody of our granddaughter and finally won. Please keep the faith! God will not let you down. Things happen in His time not ours and I know it is hard to wait and understand. Our judicial system is not exactly fair but God is in charge of all things. You are new in your faith - it can be hard - but please keep believing - it will work out in His time and in His way. I will keep you and family in my prayers.

Lazy Writer - Dianne Schoening
I'm so sorry to hear that, Laura. *Sad* Children can find resources anywhere these days if they are motivated to do so, your book is just one of many and no more proof of his innocence than anything else. Ugh. I really hope things improve for you, and soon!
On March 30th I set an appointment to sign a lease on a new to us apartment, ending our six week homeless journey. Ten minutes after that my father passed away ... 800 miles from us. A quick trip to the services and a place to come home to ... somehow it was as if Dad were working miracles already.

Now that we are settling into our own place, which is almost fully furnished by donations, things are settling down. I'm looking forward to a life of normalcy with my girls, and hey, less "trauma drama" would be nice too! *AwarenessP*
So glad you're settled in a safe place again. Sorry to hear about your dad though. *Sad*
Happy and sad in life's journey.
I am sorry to hear about your father Laura.*Heart*
Image for SS Was Here

*Heart* ~SS~ visited your port today. Prepare to be pampered. *Squirrel*
As I traverse this path of leaving a violent relationship and homelessness I am finding myself with so much to write about, but each day I watch the countdown of my days as an upgraded member dwindle. I'm really not sure how I feel about this as I have so many eggs in my basket that it is overflowing and I'm sure to drop some.

On a good note, we have found an apartment and will be moving on April 1! My pretrial for divorce is marked for April 26, and I'm at an all time low in my life, which means the only way to go is up!
*Thumbsupr**Heart**Thumbsupl* *Smile*You are a survivor Laura.
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Well, I'm down for the count for a few days, due to a sewing related concussion.

Yes, you read that right! I was frustrated while sewing and threw my head back to cuss the sewing gods, when I did I hit my head on the kitchen counter. Thus, thinking is a muddled, painful mess.

So, all of my writing thoughts are being sidelined for the moment. However, I now have to figure out this new legacy; how does one write about such a silly thing with a straight face???
Ow! *Shock*
Sounds like me! I leaned over and fell out of the kitchen chair! No injuries thank goodness.
On a dare I started a GoFundMe campaign for the purchase of a smart pen by Livescribe. Total cost? $128! Would you believe that my first donation was $75!!! Just $53 left and I might actually have the birthday and Christmas presents that my husband forgot to buy.

I'm shocked that one person could step up for me in such a manner and help out when times are tough! Granted, I've known him since middle school, but still; it is so heartwarming to have a friend that has your back.

Do you have a feel good story to share???
Aw, that's so cool, Laura. I've never heard of the smart pens, what are they?

We had so many people helping us after my son was born. We were ridiculously poor, and never would have coped without everyone's generosity. I don't think I bought a single item of clothing for my son until he started school!
Elle, smart pens record what you write, and if you like audio as well. Then you can upload it to your computer and if you want the software will transcribe everything that you wrote to text. I find my old one quite useful, but after five years and leaving it sit to long it died. Livescribe makes them if you would like to look it up.

I like how you had so much help getting clothing and such for your son! Humanity is so amazing if we just give others the chance to do well!
Ooh, I'm gonna look them up. I've got a birthday coming up in March. *Bigsmile*
Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year! https://youtu.be/1h3u6UkeF6E
*Hug1**hug**Hug2* Put stress on the palm of your hand. Open the window and blow it away. It will make you feel better. Yep! *Heart*
That is so awesome! Thanks for your idea ... I am so going to try this today!
Recently I endured a stress test and the results were abnormal. Now it seems they want to do another stress test, only this one will be more intense and give a better sense of what is going on with my heart. My next test is on Monday (December 28th) and I'm scared. So far I have added poetry and claymation to my list of things I'm doing to ward off my pesky thoughts.

For those of you that don't know, I have five children; one is deployed, one on his own, and three that are doing a darn good job at trying to keep my stress level at or below normal as we all coexist in our tiny home.

Soon, we will know, but soon seems so far away.
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