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Happy Writing.Com account anniversary.

Happy 13th WDC anniversary!
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Thank you so much, Sunny! *Heart*
Guess I'm a couple days late. Happy Anniversary, Charlie. I remember when Charlie came to be here. Best of luck in the future.
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Well, thank you, Jace! *Wink*
I figured I better get in on the trinket phenomena. This is a limited edition--only 100 to be had. *Bigsmile*

She did a wonderful job! This reminds me of when I was in elementary school and they would paint the school's symbols on our cheeks before the Pep Rally. Thank you for sharing and btw, your earrings are so pretty! *Bigsmile*
Thank you, Hanna ~ Be Kind 💕 ! They are my favorites. *Heart*
You're welcome, lizco252 *Heart*
I've written two new stories in nine days. Reviews appreciated and all suggestions considered. Thank you in advance for taking the time to R&R. *Heart*

Reclaiming Intimacy  (GC)
Sexagenarians find romance in the least likely of places. Sensual Moments June 2016 entry.
#2085638 by Charlie Maddox

Diary of a Girl  (13+)
None shall look upon these secret pages. This book belongs to Mel Abernathy. KEEP OUT!
#2086432 by Charlie Maddox
I'm back! *Delight*

I've been lurking about the site--never left, but haven't been posting any erotica for a while. I have two books available on Amazon that contain every erotica story to date that I have available for free on WDC, so if you'd rather not pay the $0.99, and you're a writing.com member, you can read them for free right here. My gift to this incredible community that welcomed me with open arms over ten years ago (my primary account has been active since April of 2006).

I plan to get back into the erotica-writing game thanks to several friends who encouraged me to do so, so keep an eye out for my work. Any and all constructive criticism is most welcome and accepted. Thank you in advance for the R&R.

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I knew you couldn't stay away, Incorrigible. I await your next story with eager anticipation. Wait a minute--that's too dang formal. It's about time you pour that passion into a story for the rest of us. *Kiss*
Thanks, Jace! *Delight* I've been writing all day. It appears my muse is eager to work. LOL
Okay, so Amazon fixed the link to Ten Days in January   and it's FINALLY downloadable (if you should so desire). Thank you for your patience and support. *Heart*
Done! *Heart* I'm looking forward to reading it!
Aw, thank you Mara. *Kiss* You're so sweet. Thank you, my friend.
Okay, so my books Ten Days in January   and Indiscretions: A Short Story Collection   are now available on Amazon for $2.99 each. Whoo-hoo! *Delight*
I just bought Indiscretions *Bigsmile* Ten Days says "Pricing not available" right now so I will check back on that one. Congratulations and I'm excited to hear that you have a series coming out! Best of luck!! *Shamrock*
Thank you, Mara! *Delight* They say the pricing thing should be fixed soon.
July 1-29 you can download my book Ten Days In January   for $1.49 by entering coupon code ZB67Z at checkout.

Thank you all for your support. *Heart*
I am excited to say that my novelette, Ten Days In January,   is now available as an eBook. Whoo-hoo!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement over the years. I love you all. *Kiss*
Oh, and it wouldn't allow me to use my WDC pen name Incorrigible because it's only a one-word name, so I had to choose another--Charlie Maddox. It's the name of a character I'm currently writing about and one I've always loved, so it was a perfect fit.
Congrats!!! I LOVE that book! I will have to pick it up for sure. *Bigsmile* Will it be going up on Amazon as well?
It should. It was published through Smashwords, so once it's approved for the premium catalog (the process could take up to two weeks) it should be available everywhere. *Delight*
scribble ;) my my my! i do believe you now when you state that incorrigible has a potty mouth! don't get me wrong, it's pretty darn nice...well, i just wanted to pop in here and let you know i shall peruse it all! you are now in my sights
Hahaha. I'm in your sights, huh? Do you mean to say you have your IG on me? lol
*Vine1**FlowerR**Umbrellab**Shamrock*Happy Spring To You!*FlowerY**Bird**Rainbowl**Sun**Rainbowr**Vine2*
I can't believe I'm the first one here. *Shock* I'm really interested in what you're adding to your Biography, my friend. *Wink* You can do it.
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