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Happy Anniversary!!
"Let your followers know about your new item!" PSHSHSHSHSH my followers as if but sure I guess. Uhhhh, new item is like a fanfiction but not. If you want to know more, just read Gonzalo's portion in "Seed Folks"
You amuse me! *Laugh* Welcome to WdC! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*

You're right. You don't have any followers yet. *Wink* Followers are mostly people who have clicked the Plus Sign by your name as such.
Schnujo *Left*
If they clicked it once, you'll never know except that they might be clicking Like or commenting on your posts. If they click twice, they will see a megaphone in place of the Plus Sign and have become a fan of yours instead of just setting you as a favorite of theirs. You get notified when they fan you. In both cases, they'll start seeing your Newsfeed notes (this thing). The primary difference is whether you get notified.

To start making fans, you need to start making friends on here. Just like in real life, authors need fans to have their writing noticed. *Wink* You can start entering contests, joining groups, etc. (Check out the links under Community for ways to start joining in--especially the Contests and the Activities pages.) A quick and easy way to start to get to know folks and for them to get to know you is to get on the Community Newsfeed. That's where you see everything going on, not just your little part of WdC.

Click Newsfeed. This will take you to your Personal Newsfeed by default. You will only see your notes, official WdC notes, and the notes of people whose Plus Sign you have clicked. Along the top you will see "View the Community Newsfeed." Click that and you'll see what everyone is posting! Start scrolling, Liking, commenting, and making friends. Before you know it, after you've been seen around a bit and you've commented on some people's notes enough times, they'll start clicking your Plus Sign. *Bigsmile* Feel free to click other people's Plus Signs first, if you like them. Sometimes they will fan you back just because you fanned them. (Remember to click TWICE till you see the megaphone so they are notified.) In no time, you'll start gathering fans so people will see you on their Personal Newsfeed...which is good because most folks are lazy here and never leave their Personal Newsfeed. *Pthb*

To post a link to your item, you need the item number. You can find it on the item in your portfolio, without even having to open it. Or, if you open the item, the item number will appear under the title and description. Also, after typing the colon, it usually appears if you've written or edited it lately, but that can be a bit of a wait if you have slow internet. *Wink*

Oops--I'm running out of characters. BRB...lol
Okay, the other thing you need to create a link is to know where the braces are. They are just above the brackets. All the ML code uses braces. *Smile*

There are 2 main ways to create a link here--item and bitem (big item).

{item:2259513} *Right* "Home

{bitem:2259513} *Down*
 Home  (E)
In"SEEDFOLKS"by Paul Fleischman,Gonzalo tells of his uncle in his POV, but the other way?
#2259513 by MaybeChloe

Normally, if you are entering a contest, they want a bitem posted. In normal conversation, I just use item links. I hope this helps!

Again, WELCOME TO WdC!!! *Delight*
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