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*BalloonP*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!*BalloonV*

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Hey all. I've been really busy for a while, researching, reading, working, and networking with some various awake people, including a veteran who is compassionate and dedicated to help spread the truth. His name is Earl. Check out his stuff!

His blog: http://nowingradical3.blogspot.com/
His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/marlbearl1/feed

When a veteran speaks up to expose horrible deeds U.S. government had done, you should listen to him.

I have written a few poems. I realize I have a bunch to catch up on. My newest poem is a song, satirical about more upcoming crappy internet censorship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPDqvXc_b-M
I apologize if I sound a little off key! ^^;
This documentary clearly explains that TV is a great big propaganda machine! Tell-Lie-Vision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b9j6fJqD-g
Will hopefully review of your writings some more this week. I've found this really promising book I'll want to read after I'm done reading at least 1 of the 4-5 books I am still working on, and I'll want to read the introduction from it for a new video very soon.

Even though a few people were just looking around in my store, today was still a good day. I found 4 more good books to look through, and I trashed the Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity books, since they have called anyone who questions and accuses government conspiracy theory nuts. I have no respect for those guys.
I've got quite a few interesting writings on WDC bookmarked, and there's still some more of you I've had fairly recent wonderful reviews and emails. I will get to reading some of your writings hopefully soon! It's just been a really busy week for me - between reading, researching, and working.

I've written two new poems that I'll be putting up. I'm quite pleased with them. (There's a third one that I will do major edits of, at a later time.)

Wish me luck. I'll be attempting to help educate my semi-nosy neighbor, sometime soon. I'll be writing up a list of things for him to look at, in addition to my reasoning and common sense as to why I will never vote for any politician. (I already wrote a previous poem about him, titled "Clueless and Brainwashed", because he irritated me that one time - and I needed to vent. You'll see that one in my "Observations and Reactions" folder.)

I will start typing up the list of facts, after I've added two new poems to my portfolio!
Hmmmm. Facts ... So, do you need to borrow my copy of the National Enquirer? *Laugh*
Hehe, no 🌕 HuntersMoon , no National Enquirer necessary. Thanks for the chuckle though. *Smile* Do you know about UNESCO's purpose and philosophy, by Julian Huxley? (UNESCO would short for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.) I've been reading that. Before discovering this old document that was put together in 1946, I have discovered the more recent, imposing Earth Constitution on www.worldparliament-gov.org. Whoever decided to have left the old document on the UNESCO website was really foolish. *Laugh* The tyrants who are in power, and run things in this world try to be sneaky as much as possible, but they don't always succeed.

You're welcome to read the UNESCO PDF and the Earth Constitution to make the connection for yourself, for they are still available for public viewing! The poor sap who is my neighbor supports Hillary Clinton (who I know is the most disgusting choice for a female presidential candidate). I call her the barking uterus. *Rolling*

Trump is dishonest as well... On Monday or Tuesday, it would be possible to elaborate further on what I've researched on. The indoctrination that exists in all public and some private schools would tie into this. Ohhh yes, it does. It seriously does. I read a book relating to that, that originally came from the Library of Congress someone purchased, which had later been donated to my bookstore years ago - mainly about an incredibly brave woman who stood up to the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. government in the defense of her 3 children from the mid 80's to the early 90's. Anita Hoge's very thorough investigation never went to court, nor was it made public.
I just uploaded this new video of mine. I found something really interesting that is clear evidence that U.S. government does mass hypnosis through film.

Hold on. I need to edit something, and then I'll put up the video.
Look at this. It's getting crazy in California. Agenda 21 (research about it) is definitely happening over there. I've never heard about "Water Conservation Unit" police until now. Government over there are acting like power bullies.

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Finally... The first chapter to my new story is up. The title I came up with is, "Leave Me Alone, Mind-Controlling Creeps!" *Laugh* It was the best I could come up with.

I had to do a whole lot of editing on that chapter. I made sure it would appeal enough to the reader on getting to know the sort of people Jake and some of his friends (and enemies) have been and still are. ^^; Throughout the chapters, more characters will be introduced!
aidenw Yeah I believe this story will be good! I've recently found out that none of my muses can go ignored for too long, and I just want one of my all-time favorite ones to be protected from the new villain that freaked him out, to what I saw in the dream I had he was in. Even my newest original villain is interesting, and I'm curious to develop Sho-Kah in depth.
My story won't leave this site. It will still be there when you do find the time. *Smile* I know how it is to be really busy. Sometime this week I'll try to start the next chapter.
Almost time for me to head out to my bookshop! Before I go though, I want to mention a story based on a dream that ended too abruptly that's coming soon. Another of older my writing muses has become active again, my alternative universe of Jake Berenson, from Animorphs. He's a main character in this! Him, and two newer muses/characters I want to get to know.
I might end up doing a satire about the FBI later. Most of the frustration and disgust I've felt has passed by now. Today I just didn't feel like writing...

Although, I have read more of the Saul Alinsky book, "Rules for Radicals." I'm halfway through it now! He's a change agent by the way, who had made quite an impression on both Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Heeeey thar. Yup, I love Writing.com, so I've been spreading in various places I socialize at. *BigSmile*
What if I told you the Orlando shooting wasn't as it seemed? Check these out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfufT0F-4_A



No ambulances? Part of the ER was closed down? There was a cop smiling in the background. And there were bad actors??

In case you all would like to have a look into the CrisisCast website that is mentioned in the first video, here it is: http://crisiscast.com/

(It's time to start thinking for ourselves and not fall for their tricks. It's not funny at all to me, and it shouldn't be funny to you. But all this is sure funny to the tyrants and all their puppets.)
The FBI's own report they put out annually tells how many homicides in each town and state, for the entire country, said NO FATALITIES in Newtown, CT that year. I was born and raised in that area of CT. The school was shut down for a few years earlier because it was on a dumping ground. And one of the investigators for the State Police found out the truth and started to ask questions of his superiors (he was one of the ones in charge), and he started getting threatened, etc. He quit the dept. and moved to FL where I live now. And he is still gathering even more evidence, and still being threatened to stop talking about it.
That is interesting. I guess, I need more information, but I am keeping an open mind. *Wink*
Candace You're welcome to check out this video on Sandy Hook. This guy, RedSilverJ of the TeamWakeEmUp channel on YouTube is a really good researcher and truth investigator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B3kC-zQfRM There's a lot he goes through here.
Share this video with the close-minded people! I explain very plainly and honestly - citing actual facts - that America's in trouble! [Embed For Use By Upgraded+]
For a good belly laugh, check out this satire I wrote today. *Rolling*


I've become funnier than Weird Al now, hehe.
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