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Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your special day!
Happy Anniversary brom21, 🍾
The braggart that I am and now that I have to brag to you, here it is:

I credited 500gps Review of "The Bleeding Heart of Stone" of Jim Hall
I gave him a Merit Badge in Accuracy
[Click For More Info]

From your secret pal...You're wonderful in working for GOT and Gaby!
and I sent five stars to one of his folders Invalid Review

Well, here!
Your turn on Friend or Foe #20
Happy belated 4th anniversary at Writing.Com! On behalf of "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group, congratulations on reaching this milestone!

RAOK's logo image.  This is a shared image, so feel free to use its item number.

Hello brom happy account anniversary, may the creativity flow through you. God Bless you.
from RAOK Upgrade Brigade and Lisa*Cat2*
Happy Anniversary from me and "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group [E]
I look forward to seeing you around WDC! *Heart*
How horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that. It always seems like you're going through some difficulty. I'll be sure to pray for you. I hope home life I going good and your job. Are you still carless?
Hi Brom,
Thank you for the kind words about my promotion. I appreciate it!
Hi: Just wanted to say "Hello" to a friend and fellow Brainstormer. Love: Megan

I just wanted to stop by and say hey from a fellow Brainstormer! Hope you're having a fab day *Smile*
Happy Anniversary, brom21!*BalloonR**BalloonY*
Hi: I am with Brainstormers Group. Have a good week. Always: Megan

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I'll be praying for you as well. Sometimes God puts people through hard times to make them stronger and to be closer to Him. Remember that these situations are just for a period of time then there's rest. It will pass.
hello brom. I'm a new memner of dream team Jus t want to keep you posted the group is now tied for ninth. I can see you have a lot going on but if you get the chance and inkling to credit a few reviews this way it would be deeply apperciated. Take it easy
Since then, we are at 5 on the top of the list.
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