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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 BLACKOUT  (18+)
This is the beginning of a story, of a very angry and VERY tortured soul....
Would someone care to take a look at it? Pĺeeease. I would be gracious to see what you think of it. Thank you! *Smile*
HELLO COMMUNITY! I Hope everyone's having a fine Tuesday thus far? Rainy and wet here in Washington st., again! I do feel badly for the folks back east though! Hope their finding a way to stay warm... The rain has at least has kept me in to working hard on the beginning of my novel. I've made some changes and was hoping someone could take a few to look at it? It's lD# is (2114443) I would gladly share any help in reviewing or taking part in what they might be working on as well. PLEASE HELP! - Thank you all *Smile*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 BLACKOUT  (18+)
This is the beginning of a story, of a very angry and VERY tortured soul....
Please have a look at just the beginning of my story. Tell me what you think! VERY much appreciated! Thank you- IronWriter38
Thank you to the SUPPORT TEAM for answering all my questions so quickly! You guys are AWESOME *Smile*
Hello all! Could someone please give me the 'formula' for 'Bolding' letters? It would be much appreciated! Thank you

{b}BOLD{/b} for BOLD

Do you mean DROPCAP? { dropcap }Text inserted here{ /dropcap } without the spaces, gives you

Text inserted here

Ok, well evidently I figured out the emoticon by doing the 'algorithm' ... ok, sooo how about using it in the uploads when you edit your writing. Italicized words I need to make in it. - thank you
Hello all writers! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! So, I have a question. Hopefully someone can help with it? I am having trouble not being able to use the italicized button where you upload your item. I've even tried copying from a micro-soft office and pasting my item in the upload part where everyone can view your works. Everytime I try to use the box above it leaves weird symbols around the words I want to italicize. Even the tool board for this post I can't get to work ...*Cry* ... Can anyone help me please?
Directions for text markup are in Enhance Your Item With WritingML from Writing.Com 101 .
A sig I use to post in notebooks to welcome newbies to our community!

Hello, IronWriter38 !

*Hand*           *Hand*           *Hand*

I wanted to make sure you were given a very warm welcome to Writing.Com! I hope you're settling in okay. *Smile* Have you gotten a chance to look around and check things out yet? Once you do, I know you'll find our wonderful community to be everything you've expected it to be and so much more! As testament to that, I've been here for almost 15 years! If you ever have any questions, please just ask! *Thumbsupl*

I'm glad you're with us! *Bigsmile*

~ Ɉ£®əϻӲ - Medical Hiatus

P.S. Here are some really helpful links to help you navigate our community! *Right* "The New Members Directory
Hello all, I am new to this site and am so far impressed. I've read some really neat things. Is everything 'point' deserved though? I have a 100 pts lol... I would just like a little advice on a 'very' small piece I'm working on. #2114443 - It would be very much appreciated- Thank you :)
If you post your item with { bitem: 2114443 } (without the spaces} you get:
 BLACKOUT  (18+)
This is the beginning of a story, of a very angry and VERY tortured soul....
#2114443 by IronWriter38
See: "Writing.Com 101 [E] to get started. Have fun on the site and welcome! *BigSmile*
Welcome!! *Smile*
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