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Here's the next trinket in the friend series!

Eleven minutes, and they're gone. *Frown*
Yes, this one only allowed 4 to be collected. He's notorious for not letting many people have his trinkets. Maybe because they don't cost him anything to make? *Rolling* I quit getting excited over them. If I get one, great, but I probably won't, so I don't bother really trying. I'm less disappointed with this attitude. Lol But good luck with future ones!

Occasionally he makes some that allow 50 or so folks to get them so they are still limited, but you have a fighting chance, especially if you live overseas or have a job. *Smile* Mine are all unlimited, but I don't mind limited with a reasonable chance. *Smile*

Good luck on the next one!
Any more of these coming up?
I let my friends each make one trinket... I'm so sorry. I'll post the other two over the next couple hours (one has a limited quantity of only FOUR (I took one so actually three lol) so be on the lookout!!)

Thanks. Your a good kid.
Thank you.
I got the last of this trinket! Thank you! *Bigsmile*
Missed you guys! Here is a trinket celebrating my 5th Year on WDC. Only 25 up for grab!
(Also my posts keep automatically being set to 18+ instead of E and I don't know how to fix it sooooo if anybody knows how to fix that....)

Wow! I got the last one! *Shock2* Thank you, Jack! *Heart* Happy 5th WDC Anniversary!
I got the second.
And I'm late to the party because I'm traveling. But if I'd gotten one, Elycia ☮ Happy 2023! wouldn't have, so how can I wish I got one if it means taking it away from her? *Heart* *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Heart*

Happy 5th WDC Birthday, Jack!

see above.

Happy 5th, Jack!!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV* *Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV*
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary.
Happy Anniversary!!!
Happy 5th WDC Anniversary

*Balloonr* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Balloong*

*BalloonB* *Party* *ConfettiG* *BalloonO* *BalloonB* *ConfettiB* *BalloonP* *ConfettiO* *BalloonB* *BalloonR* *ConfettiR* *BalloonV*
I made a poem about the future. Maybe check it out?

 Technology  (E)
Poem about the future.
#2292121 by Itchybarn

And here's a trinket too.

Thank you🌈🌟🍀
Thank you
Oh, right.

Thank you! I love it! *Heart*
Thank you!
Happy New Year!
Thank *Heart* You!
Happy 2023!
Tada! It's a few days late but it still counts.

Thank you *Smile*
We turn them into pie now. *Wink* *Pumpkin2*
Thank you!
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