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As it is an exquisite desert there is a very little amount of these to collect, so get them fast! 8/8

Thank you!
Thank you for the oh so good trinket! *Strawberries* *Heart* *Strawberries*
*Bigsmile* Amazing set of Dessert Trinkets. Thank you so much for all of them.
I'm back! 7/8

Thank *Heart* you and lucky me! I caught this one.
Thank you for the trinket
Thank you.
Little break in the series here to showcase some of my trinkets that have not reached max collected yet!

Thank you! Love leftovers!
Love your little comments on the veggies *Laugh*
Thank you, I picked up some new ones. *Smile*
I'm running out of desert ideas somehow... 6/8

         Thank you! I loved cheddar flavored Gold Fish!
Thank you!! You could show off some of your favorite candy from Halloween or other holidays for dessert ideas!
OMG.... thank you, I got the last one. I think *Think* *Heart* My Fable loves Goldfish. I give them to her for special treats once in a while.
And... here is another one! 5/8

Thank *Heart* you! It does look good.
Awesome, thank you for the trinket. *Heart*
Missed. *Sad*
I promised I'd pump out some more! So here we are! 4/8

Thank *Heart* you!
I missed it... *Cry* I had to make some phone calls.
Time zones ... grumble grumble.

Missed a couple of these now.
It's been awhile, and therefore I will be pumping out a bunch of trinkets all day! Stay tuned! 3/8

Thank you.

Just be sure to make them ALL unlimited...


Thank you for the treat.. kent. Oh, wordplay today! *Laugh*
Here is another! Every desert in this series will have five less that you can collect than the last... so do the math on that! How many will there be on the eighth trinket? 2/8