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I haven't been here for a while, but I'm still writing... and reading. One of the novels I recently read had glaring discrepancies/inconsistencies in it, and it sparked me to write a post (more of a rant than anything) about it.

Please check it out. Even though substack is generally a subscription-only service, everything I write I leave open to the public. Enjoy!

Stupid Writers  
My biggest bugbear in this is distances. Especially when people from another country (mainly the USA) apply what they think of distances to other places. For example, I live in Australia. The country is very close to the same size as mainland USA (https://www.aboutaustralia.com/australia-size-compared-to-usa/) and yet I've read stories (as in, more than one) where a person drives from Sydney to Melbourne in an hour. It's almost 900km. Could you drive from New Orleans to Jacksonville in an hour? They're closer. And yet if I said a man drove from New York to Los Angeles in a day I am sure United Estatians would be all over that.

We have an Internet - it's not that hard to find these things out.
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Jace, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. If no party because of the covis, I hope at least you get cake and ice cream.
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So you hit another birthday huh? lol Well I' hope you have a ton more. I've lost too many friends this year. Have a great Birthday Week.
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