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i kinda wanna write a fantasy novella, but, it's so intimidating to do so on my own
You're not on your own. We're all rootin' for ya!

First sentence is hardest. I've been known to put random things on the page, because I hate blank pages.
Okay i had the most ridiculous idea ever, and i'm actually concerned whether i'm insane or just tea deprived... so i'm just saying this hoping someone gets inspired by my stupidity somehow.

i was watching Lily James' version of "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" which is originally part of the Cinderella cartoon soundtrack (one of my all time favourite movies despite it being kinda sexist) and i JUST recognised the Prince (in the video) as Rob Stark's actor. and a comment under the video was like "i knew rob stark didnt die he just left game of thrones for a different throne!" which made me chuckle... then i thought

what if Rob was the reincarnation of Cinderella's husband, born into the house of stark after a magical war befell Cinderella's universe, which later centuries and centuries later became the world of GoT? and the soul of Cinderella who was angry at the unfair death of her kingdom and her husband, comes back from the dead to avenge the killed-again Rob and rains hell on everybody?

so why're there so many GoT accounts and related content on this site *Delight* it's very strange to have a concentrated fandom in one place!

i'd join the fun, but, i'm reading the books instead of watching the tv show (almost done with the first book) it's gonna take me a long while to even catch up *Think* if you're wondering why well it's because i rather appreciate how slow paced the novels are and how detailed they are. the tv show is all about "they were here and they're going there BOOM they just got there" but the novels are more like "they were here and this is how they spent a couple months wading through the bushes" if you know what i mean... it's why The Hobbit and LoTR's trilogy are my favourite books. plus i don't even want the story to end, if i'm being honest. i can end a tv show in a couple days, a book series would take me years because i'm a very slow reader with a terrible attention span.

it's like a gift from the gods basically *Wink*
Hi! I'm sure everyone here agrees the books are better than the movies in all cases!
There's an activity going on at the moment. "Game of Thrones. Once August is over, all the GoT related stuff will drop off and you won't see too much of it.
Sometimes, listening to music alone can inspire me to write something... Like how Bohemian Rhapsody inspires me to write a whole theory about what it means, or how Lamma Bada Yatathanna makes me wanna write a story set in a pre-1900's Arabian desert.
Welcome to WDC! *Bigsmile*
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