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Anyone doing book cover designs? Anyone at all? Going once, going twice...
iKïyå§ama does, hon.
Yeah, Kiya is pretty much an expert with it here. You can check her work in links below:

Kiya's Sig & Banner Shop  (18+)
*CLOSED* Shop for images - animated/non-animated for site/off-site use.
#1540688 by iKïyå§ama

Here you can order costume images:

Kiya's Custom Orders Shoppe  (18+)
*CLOSED Until Further Notice* For customized requests/orders ONLY!
#1092645 by iKïyå§ama

And the most important to you is this one:

Kiyasama's Design Portfolio  .

Hope this helps *Smile*.
Hello! I'm looking for anyone who designs book covers for my novel? Also anyone that does fantasy art book covers?

It's for this:
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Here's my latest drafts of my novel! Please check out and review a chapter or two.

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Hey guys! I'm back after a long break from this awesome site. Been working real hard. Good news I got myself a new tablet, a Bluetooth keyboard and managed to keep up the writing. Below is my latest draft now titled Getting Even. Thanks so much to all those that have reviewed my work, I wouldn't have made it this far without you guys, especially Jen~ ! Because I'm lazy, I've just dumped the whole draft in one book item, but by all means review any chapter within it as you like. Enjoy! *GoLucky*
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YAY!! So glad to see you back and writing!!
I've added to my novella
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, specifically Chapter 4. Please check out the latest developments in the struggle between Mike, Cara and the dangerous Kelly.
Just letting you know you're on my list to review. I'm slow*BigSmile* Wanted to say hey. So, like, 'Hey!'
Just like to announce I just did my 50th review since being on this amazing site!!! That's since 4 Dec, which not sure if good or bad, but what the heck! Tks for everyone's support (whom I kidding, I know only a few of you...) lol!! :)

That's great!
Looks like you go the review group thing figured out just fine! Told you it was easy once you jumped in and DID it. *Laugh* When you're ready to hear more about the other forums I mentioned, give me a shout. *Smile*
tks guys!
To all my millions of fans whom have been waiting in anticipation for the next installment of "Kelly", well, you can wait no longer!

Check out Chapter 4, written raw from my head today and probably full of typos!

Here it is:

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Yay! I am so excited to read it~
This story is grea!
Welcome to Writing.Com! I've been here many years, and it's still quite the ride.
just continue being you and being so bloody nice! That's why i love americans! Much nicer people than us english lot I tell you! Lol! i'm thinking of trying this inquring minds contest out, but honestly don't understand what i'm to do? just write a story based on the definition of a word?
Awe, shucks!

Are you talking about "Invalid Item? I just took a glance and it appears that is correct, poem or story. It sounds like you have to complete more than 1 round though, unless I am reading it incorrectly.
I think i'll stick to my own story for now! lol! looks a little too much for me at this stage... tks though! :)

This is such an amazing place and you will find the most wonderful friends!

Write on!~