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How can i save unfinished work without it being published, then retrieve it later to edit it, because i dont always want to write everything in one sitting....this is impossible for me, but it seems i must or else not save anything :/ ??????
Yep, what Taliah said should work fine. If you make your draft private in the "who can see this" bit (wherever that is, somewhere at the top with all those options *Pthb* ), then you can just save a draft and edit it later. I do that all the time (and then forget I have drafts *Facepalm* ).
There is also "save and edit" and "save item". I believe both of those allow you to save it for later. "Save and edit" allows you to save while you are working and continue working, while "save item" I believe allows you to save it for later.

My best advice on WDC though is to mark it private and leave it that way until you are ready to publish it. Its wonderful for saving places or in progress work. Just don't forget it's there!
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