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Hello, welcome to Writing.com!

I just looked through your port. You have some really intriguing pieces!

I've heard that you're a teen. We have a WDC teen group and forum, if you're interested in joining the group, you can send me an email. "Teens Corner is the link to the group, and "Invalid Item is the forum where we talk about pretty much everything. Feel free to drop by! *Smile*

I just reviewed one of your pieces and thought I'd stop in to say hello. I notice you refer to writer's block. Isn't that soooo frustrating. I thought I'd recommend some contests to you.

Contests are a great way to get over writer's block. They give you a prompt and some poetry contests even give you a form to write in. They can be challenging, but I find that having an end date, and knowing there is someone waiting to read it keeps me motivated. Not only that, it gets your name out there so people become familiar with it, and many times the other contestants will read it. If you want to see what contests we have here, stop in at "Contest Central Station We have a list of them by genre and type. There is sure to be something there for you.

And, once again, I want to invite you to the "The Newbies Academy Group. It can really help you get involved here. This site is amazing and can change your writing and your life. But, it can be so overwhelming that many people give up before they find out what they are capable of. C'mon, what are you waiting for. Come over to "Newbies Academy Registration - OPEN and say hello.

Feel free to email me if you have questions. I'm happy to help you and can't wait to meet you.
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