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Since I clear out my e-mail, constantly, I don't remember who it was that enjoyed my story, "Amaranth", so much. So, I'm sending this general message.

The story was written for a contest and meant to only be a one shot item. However, since it was requested that I expand, I have begun "Amaranth 2". There's only a couple of paragraphs written, so far, but, as I have time in between tasks at work, I will write more in the near future.
I'm searching for words that are hiding behind walls in my mind. I know that they're there, because I can feel them laughing at me, but they evade my grasp.

The Dr. confirmed it.

I have started down the path.

Dementia is creeping up on me.

What will I do without my mind?
A young man, that I loved like a son, died in his sleep last night. We don't know how or why. So...I guess this isn't going to be such a happy new year after all.
*Hug1**hug**Hug2* My deepest condolences. It is hard enough to lose an older friend and devastating when you lose a young one.
Ty, all.
What does the phrase, "I want to go home", mean to you?
Returning to my safe haven where feel secure, safe, and protected.
To my family *Smile*
How do you get out of a "Blah" mood and get back to feeling like writing again? Any ideas?
A walk through nature always works for me ... or a visit to Walmart *Laugh*
Yeah....sit on one of the benches, at Wal-Mart, and just people watch. It's a hoot!
         I feel, more oft than not, that I'm not meant to write. However, I get so many things running through my head, that I can't help but try to find a way to let them out. I always received top grades in English and Creative Writing classes. I've always excelled in the area of imagination. I guess where I'm failing the most is in getting others to see what I do; in the way I do.

         I don't know.

         Frustration abounds.
You can't teach someone to be creative. You CAN teach someone how to improve their technical abilities. I'd say you're on the winning side, love. Who is meant to be a writer anyway? It's either something you do or something you don't do. You write... so just keep at it! If other people don't see what you want them to see, well... that's what the 2nd and 3rd and 4th drafts are for. *Thumbsup*
This is a general post for those of you that don't like the things I have to say in reviews. This is resulting from a couple of immature responses I have received in my e-mail.

1. If you put your stories out there, for public review, don't expect everyone to like them.

2. If you can't take criticism, don't put your stories out there for public review.

3. If you don't like something that someone has to say, consider the fact that there may be something wrong with what you have written. Don't respond in an e-mail telling them "screw you".

4. I don't care how much you don't like what I have to say, I will continue to be honest in my opinions, and I will ALWAYS try to give helpful ideas.

5. I am NOT the one to take "verbal" attacks and not respond.

God bless, and love to you all.
I try to find some positives - there is always something - to temper any constructive criticism. I don't think we should endeavour to be confrontational. If you really don't care for a piece of writing, and can't think of anything positive to say, maybe just pass on by and review another piece? It just might save any ill-feeling. We are here to support each other, after all.
Thank you, all, for you helpful insight. Perhaps it would be helpful to just avoid certain pieces in the future.

If you take the time to look at my page, you will see that I suffer from certain mental issues as well. Just as well, I have 4 children...One with Asperger's (she's 12 on a bad day, and 15 on the good ones) that is 30 yrs. old....One with severe depression disorder that is 28 yrs. old.....One that has been identified as a psychopath that is 26 yrs. old....and the only boy that has been diagnosed as a sociopath and is 25 yrs. old.

I don't use them as an excuse. I use them as an example. I never pulled punches, with them, while raising them, and they are all functioning adults. They are able to handle criticism, and one is even as aspiring writer.

Yes, a couple of them need a bit more assistance than the others, but they manage. And, the extra help is needed due to their different health issues, not because of non-pulled punches.

I will, however, endeavor to not be so harsh the next time around since, obviously, my review was ill received by more than just the author.
I feel for you. My two children - they're in their 20's - have mental health issues, and it's really tough. You certainly don't need the extra hassle situations like you describe create.

Are you a member of a reviewing group? They can be good support, and you earn gift points, merit badges etc. Give me, or any of us, a shout if you want to find one.

I hope you're enjoying your time here despite this. I hope it gives you some 'you time' which I'm sure is well-deserved. *Smile*
After a week of travel, finally getting free of my financial obligation to a house I no longer live in, and making it home safe and sound, it's time to try to get back in the swing of things. So...HOPEFULLY....I'll get a little writing and reviewing done this week.
I've been having a little fun with some of the writing prompts found on "The Hub". They tend to make some interesting scenarios come to mind, and I've written several pieces in the form of short stories, and even a silly little poem, from the ideas they bring to mind.
I shall read-th it and review (only the most recent :P)
I have found my manuscript, for one of my books!!! Yay!!! Moving can be such a pain. The only part that sucks is...I don't know where the first 24 pages are. Argh! More digging.
Ouch! I hope you locate them.

I grew tired of losing things like that, and started keeping electronic copies of everything out on Dropbox or Google Drive.