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Gonna read and write a bit today.
Ever find something you wrote and not like it? I was a very angry man and I do not like some of my old poetry.
Working on "Never waste Eggnog" this weekend.
About to embark on writing my story about coming out as a transgender woman.
Woo, go Liana!
Can anyone tell me how to edit my gender from male to female in my bio, please?
[Replied via IM]
"Welp, I found four empty notebooks but I prefer writing online plus I want to add to my pieces here and cant afford a membership."

And then someone anonymously pays 6 months membership for me. Thank you sooooooo much.

How do I change my gender from Male to Female on the biography?
Welp, I found four empty notebooks but I prefer writing online plus I want to add to my pieces here and cant afford a membership.
Haven't worked on my book in months but I've been watching a bunch of westerns. I'm just not motivated to write and I wanted to have the book written by now. I'm not sure what to do for motivation.........
Read some of what you have. Maybe you just need a a little jump-start from when you were motivated. That helps me sometimes. *Smile*
I don't know what to do with my book or with my membership here.
Well, you should write your book and talk about it with people on here.
Well, here goes nothing. I have taken advantage of the 50% off sale and bought a 12-month Premium membership. I have always trusted Writing.com and now I have a place to post my poetry as well as my short stories as well as excerpts from my book. Thanks.
Wait - there's a 50% off sale? A week after I renewed my membership!?! Is there a place on WDC where one can keep track of when these sales are on??
I am subscribed to emails and I am on the site every day which is probably why I saw it. If you do the same, I don't know why you didn't see it as well.
Writing prompt:

I was sitting at my desk, workin' on a case. She walked in and sat down right in front of me. Neither of us said a word. I crushed my cigarette out as she removed her hat from her head. Her hair was dark brown and she wore a yellow dress that fit like a brand new winter glove. She slid a piece of paper to me along with my standard PI fee of $1000. I sat back in my chair and read the name, Jones Brown. Jones Brown was a heavy hitter in this town and this dame had something on her mind. I leaned forward and looked at her.
“What's your interest in Brown?” I asked.
She looked at me, keeping her cool as well as her silence. I stood and grabbed my hat and my jacket.
“Well sister, I need more than a name and $1000.”
She stood up, placed her hat back on her head and walked out the door just as quickly as she had come in.
“Jones brown huh? I guess money talks.”
Short story titles so far:
1862 (The beginning is currently up to be reviewed)
Guns of a desperate man.