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A friend of mine who doesn’t get my stories once asked me, what’s wrong with obvious.

Why can’t I just write it, so everyone understood what’s happening? For god’s sake, that bracelet is just electroshock that wiped out Connie’s memory, and she forgot what the right decision was. Doc might be a psychiatrist who used to indulge in speculative conversations with his patients, one that got world-shakingly real. That hitchhiker might be the real Santa. Christopher's mind could be just a simulation. Simon is experiencing vivid hallucinations because of his tumour. And Frank... Well, it was pretty obvious what happened to Frank.

I didn’t know what was wrong with obvious. But then another conversation gave me insight.

By making it obvious, I would kill the other alternative. Connie jumped in time. A professor didn't find enough evidence that travel between parallel universes was possible. Nick is blessed with a fulfilling seasonal job. Christopher has a damn good assistant. Simon knows that lies beyond the threshold of death. And Frank... Well, we don’t know who Frank really was.

In the quantum reality of my stories, all these alternatives are possible. And like in the quantum world, the reader determines what alternative to actualize.

I fully accept that by walking this path, I'm reducing my target audience to a small group of people who seek the joy of solving ambiguous puzzles. I'm glad I've already met some.
Oh wow, someone just gifted me six months of upgraded membership! What have I done to deserve such generosity? Thank you, anonymous, I will try my best to pass kindness on in one form or another.
Welcome to FSFS. Glad you could join us. :)
Thanks for having me! I'm not quite sure what comes next, though.
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Just hang out. We have a newsletter that you could publish your scifi pieces in, if you wish. I submit reprinted items after they publish elsewhere. We sometimes have writing challenges too.
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Welcome to Fantasy and Science Fiction Society.
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Glad to be here!
Thank you for the suggestion, WYRM sounds interesting, but I'm afraid my reviewing skills would not qualify.
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