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I've added a new entry to my book, " Living on the edge of sanity:
I've added a new entry to my book, " Living on the edge of sanity:
         "For the Love of Mitzi- 5 stages of grief
I've added a new entry to my book, " Living on the edge of sanity:
         "March 17th Moving forward and learning new things everyday
I've added a new entry to my book, " Living on the edge of sanity:
         "Out of hibernation- March 2021
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Living on the edge of sanity  (13+)
I am a a woman married to another woman who lives in an insane world maintaining sanity
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What's ahead in 2021
entered "Whatever' contest. First contest I have entered in about five years! "For the good of the children
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It's as if I'm starting over  (E)
Starting back on the journey of writing after a brain surgery and a long break
Since I have had so many really huge medical problems over the last 3 years; having a benign brain tumor removed and then the results of that, being a huge infection where I had difficulty being listened to by the Dr's and nurses providing my care; I felt like it was a struggle to get up every day. My writing fell by the wayside, until I finally figured out it was was really by life vest that would pull me back to shore. After having a small stroke and seizures due to my surgeries, as well as difficulty with my memory. I hid out inside of a dark and lonely palace that was my mind. I am beginning to see the shadows lifting and that those word that I judge so harshly are words that will help me grow and maintain the lightness and the beautiful impact of words which all have given me such purpose in my life, during good times and bad. I am once again ready to weed the garden of my mind and touch on issues that I find so important to start discussions about. Social Issues, common ground, common sense politics (if there is such a thing). Health care and the way the government is directing it, rather than allowing people centered healthcare. I am an LPN.. Our choices are being taken away with the the guise of quality healthcare for everyone.. Hard Question I stumble over, such as millions of people only the basic of care, especially our elderly population and mentally ill population, while right here in MN they are talking about building yet another stadium, this one for Soccer; that will cost millions of tax-payers dollars, yet regular every day families cannot even attend these sporting events because they are so costly for a family outing. So much on my mind, So much I want to share Please feel free to reply. Writing this blog is helping me grasp my future and participate in my in just one small individual way. Think! Express! Explore!....... JB
I am hanging in there. I am finally picking up my pen/pencil and writing again! I've had 3 neuro-surgeries in the last 2 Years, the first of which was in Sep 2012. It was supposed to be simple, removing a benign meningioma (a tumor on the outer layer (the meninges) of my brain. I was aware of the tumor but it was growing and pushing on my brain so they had to take it out. After that first surgery I began having seizures , developed a stutter, which thankfully has gone; in addition I had a really difficult time finding my words. After surgery they replace the bone with the piece of skull that was removed. The next few months were rough and despite my nursing background and the obvious signs, Dr's near me ignored the fact that my icision was obviously infected. By the time they listened. It was one month before my wife and were finally able to get legally married and the wedding was planned. We went to a different hospital where they told me they needed to do emergency surgery because I had what is called osteomyelitis, in laymans terms, I had 5 different kinds of bacterial infection in my head and it had completely destroyed the bone flap, I needed surgery stat to remove it and I needed to antibiotics for 5 months. After that surgery I had a small stroke called a TIA as well a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my lung) On may 15th of 203 they finally did my 3rd and hopefully final surgery to replace the lost bone in my head with titanium mesh. I have so far away from writing, and it always been what has pulled me through. My difficulty finding word that I knew were just under the surface has been so frustrating for me. I really need a writing buddy, who can help me stay accountable to continue writing, especially because they say the brain is the slowest organ to heal and my writing is so important to me, but I am my worst critic, and I get so frustrated with the word searching in my head and feeling like my words don't go together the same. My wife has been tremendous throughout this. I am trying some tai chi and meditation to concentrate on healing my mind and body. If anybody else needs a writing buddy, I'm here :) This is really a great site!
That's so horrible what you went through. Even worse when those very doctors refused to listen to you, which resulted in unnecessary damage to you - you could have died from those infections. Infections near the brain are not to be taken lightly.

Glad your on the mend. Yes, I've heard the brain is slow in repairing itself, but it will heal. I've also read that learning new things or relearning things builds new neurons (?) within the brain - a way the brain heals.

As to writing... the words will come. And it's good way to get the brain to exercise. For now use online searches to help find the right words. Although that can be challenging! Sometimes I still can't find the right word - so it's not just you not finding the right words.

Then there's everyone here. Everyone is very helpful. Stuck on a word, need a review, post it here and let us know. Another way to get reviews would be to click on "things to do" on the left column, then click on "request a review" - there are people posted who'll do reviews for gift points. Or ask friends for reviews, even make new friends. See? Easy.

There's a group for writing with partners, I remember running across that. What was it called...? Let me search. Here we go: "Pen Partners: Writing Circle and "Invalid Item. Check both of them out. Maybe it's what you're looking for.

Welcome back to WDC - keep writing, keep hopeful, keep positive.
Check out this poem I just read - I think you'll appreciate it.
Hope it makes you smile.

"Ears Are To Listen
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*
Had to put my writing on the back burner for some health problems with my partner and myself. Also my partner had a good friend pass away, and then in May my cousin Kari, who had Cystic Fibrosis died after a double lung transplant. She was 38, married, an only child. She was a fighter! Now my partner and I will be moving into our new 3BR 2BTH, double wide mobile home at the end of this month and things are looking up, hopefully I'll have more time to devote to my writing! Peace be with you all!
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