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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Jack Daniels's Failed Intervention   (ASR)
Sam Adams encounters the spirit of Jack Daniels who tries to stop his last binge.

Sam Adams
Was drinking alone
In the infamous Cosmos Bar
In Bangkok
The city of lost angels.

Twenty drinks too sober
He barely noticed
The naked ladies
Dancing on the stage.

On his table
He had a bottle of Jack Daniels
Along with a bottle of Johnny Walker
And five bottles of Singh beer.

Drinking his way to hell
Following the advice

Of the old song

“One bourbon, one scotch
And one beer.”

That played on
In his lonely head,

This was his usual Friday night
Just another pathetic loser
Drinking in the Cosmos bar,

The bar maids
Left him alone
He never paid them
Any attention anymore.

He was there
To make love
to his booze bottles,
the booze bottles
were his only friend.

That night
About 0 dark hundred
He looked up.

Saw the bottle of Jack Daniels
Had somehow transformed
Into that of a younger version
Of Sam Adams.

The figure announced
That he was the spirit
Of Jack Daniels
And had a message
For Sam Adams.

It is not my place
To complain
But you really are

Drinking a bit too much
Twenty drinks a night
For the last few weeks
Don’t you think?

You are so far gone
You don’t even notice
The naked ladies

They and I all want you
To quit
This one way ride
Down the hell hole.

Put down the bottle
Go home with Khun Lek
Who will help you forget.
What you need to forget.

If you continue drinking tonight,
The only destination is death
My friend the Grim Reaper
Has your ticket
Ready for redemption.

So, stop drinking “

Soon the other bottles
In front of him
Started talking to him
Pleading with him
To just stop drinking.

He stared out
Convince he was going mad
The bar maids stared
At the unholy sight

As the bottles in the room
All came alive
And began chasing Sam

Out into the busy street
Where he was met
By a bus
Died on the spot.

Thus ended Sam Adams’s
Last binge
In the city of lost angels.

based on poet's place prompt to write a personification poem.
Interesting. I like it! Thanks for sharing!
thanks glad you like it,
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 Love   (E)
Love Clarity Pyramid

true Love
my Soul Mate

I dreamt about her
every day for eight years
then she came to be my wife
“Women are meant to be Loved”

That's so awesome!! And she's a lucky woman! *Heart*
thanks glad you appreciated it.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
  Decisive decision Changed my Life  (E)
Had to decide whether to stay in Korea with my newfound love of my life, or return home.

Decisive decision Changed my Life

One day
I had a decision to make
I had just met the girl
Of my dreams
On a bus
She walked into my life,

I had to decide whether
To postpone going back
To graduate school
For one year.

To see how things
Would play out
With the women of my dreams.

I knew would be my wife
It was the best decision
I ever made in my life.

Author note: based on true story. In 1982, I met on September 7th the woman I had been dreaming about for eight years. I had to decide whether to leave for graduate school at the end of the month. I postponed my plans, knowing I had to stay and see how things played out with my new-found love. For details, see my blog, https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com.
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Awww...That's so awesomely sweet! *InLove2*
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  Nagging Coffee Pot   (E)
a coffee pot speaks up

Dream 20, 285 Coffee Pot Blues writing com poet’s place

The coffee maker
One day
Spoke up
He said
It is not my place
To complain
But you really are
Drinking a bit too much
Of coffee
Two cups of my brew
Should be enough
But lately you have
Been drinking four
Or five cups
Half decaf
But still too much
Don’t you think?
The coffee pot concludes
His nagging
As his master turns him on
For his fifth and final cup
For the day.

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Someone's been busy on the Newsfeed today! *Cool*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Cinderella was mad   (E)
for Dark Dreamscapes

Cinderella was mad ( for dark dreamscapes)

Cinderella was mad Writing com

Cinderella was mad
And when she was mad
She was very bad

Cinderella had met her mate
Her fate
That date

When she saw her man
She made her plans
Told her fairy godmother Ann

Her fairy godmother Ann
Told her she had to make plans
To make the prince her man

Her stepmother was so evil
So very medieval
A real black weevil

Her fairy godmother made a love potion
Told her she had to put the lotion
While her prince was in motion

They would cause a commotion
Give the prince a cause for promotion
And laid the plans in motion

The prince did not know what hit him
When he went for his evening swim
His heart was suddenly filled with whim

The fairy godmother smiled
When she saw how wild
Became her godchild

The love potion
Had been put in motion
The prince was filled with devotion.

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Time to Go  (E)
When it is time to meet the grim reaper, it is time to go.

Time to Go writing com weekly prompt

Time they say
Waits for no one
When it time
For us to go
Onto the other world

The grim reaper
Comes a knocking
on our door
At o dark hundred

Giving us time
To say goodbye
Before being summoned
To judgment day

Whether we will be sentenced to hell
Or ascend to heaven
Is not his call to make
Beyond his pay grade
He laughs

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 First Drink   (E)
first drink as an full adult was a bit anti-climatic no one carded me!

First Drink

My first legal drink
Was a bit anti-climatic
I had gone out
To celebrate my legal age
At age 21
I could finally
Get a drink in a bar

I wanted to get
carded that night
But no one looked at my ID

I had gone to a bar
When I was 14
No one ever carded me
As I looked much older

Finally got carded
At age 32!
I thanked the guy
Saying he made my day
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Well, that's disturbing! lol
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 love in my cup   (E)
drinking afternoon tea with my love

first thing must drink coffee
best way to start morning
always a good morning
drink hot coffee

I enjoy my afternoon
drinking my cup of tea
just being with me
Love in my cup
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Time Capsule   (E)
time capsule poem for weekly poetry contest

Time Capsule

In these dark and dangerous time
We find ourselves living in
It is hard to focus
On what is really going on

Too much noise
Too much confusion
Too many lies
Too many deaths

What would be
The symbol of these times
Would it be a TV set
Spewing forth propaganda
24/7 gaslighting lies

Would it be the simple mask
And a vial of covid shots
And a picture
Of the thousands
Of corona ghosts

Would it be a gun
And a bible
And the dead victims
Of the rampaging gunmen

Or will it be nothing
Nothing but the silence
Of the dying world

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Korean Summer Time Blues   (E)
summer in Korea is not for the faint of heart

Korean Summer Time Blues

The Korean summer
Is not for the faint of heart

The Korean summer
Comes on
With a blast of heat
And humidity
As the Monsoons flood the land,

Then in July and August
The whole country
Becomes a giant sauna
95 degrees heat
95 percent humidity

The heat dome settles down
On the land
Suppressing everything
With the unrelenting heat

Perhaps a foretaste of hell
On earth
24/7 pure misery

People try to cope
With the heat
As best they can

Hoping at some point
That the summer
With it hellish overtones
Will slowly fade away
Into memories

As the cooling of autumn
Continues the annual cycle
Ending the hellish heat

Just another Korean summer
Another month-long
sauna experience
to endure

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 She said her name was Angela   (E)
Love Octelle

She said her name was Angela
She said her name was Angela.
she haunted my nightly dream
who are you I nightly scream
when she came that August date
that was that date I met my fate
She said her name was Angela
She said her name was Angela


Smoke in the air
Fire in the sky

Mirrors all around
Shattering into a million pieces

Deception all about
Who to believe ?

Madness in the air
Scent of bad craziness

Strange times indeed
All around us signs

Revelations foretell
A thousand years ago

It is in the Bible
All there

Dark Visions
Coming to life

Trump continues to rant and rave
From his headquarters of hate

Biden struggling to maintain
Control over the world

Taliban resurgent
Thousands fleeing in terror

It seems that the
End of the world is upon us

Week # 11

Compose a poem using all three of these words:

smoke, mirrors, deception

Line Count: 12 lines, minimum
Required Form: Poet's choice
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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 autumn festival  (E)
for stormy lady's contest

At a autumn Festival
Eating fresh red apples
Drinking wine with friends
While sitting under a blanket
With the gold and yellow leaves
Falling all around
Life is good
The falling leaves

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