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 Coffee Ovi Poem   (E)
Coffee Ovi Poem for Poet's Place
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 Baby, You are My Fireworks  (E)
a love song inspired by Katie Perry's Fireworks
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 The big one enjoys his dinner  (ASR)
The big one enjoys his dinner for micro fiction challenge

The big one enjoys his dinner

The old fisherman went out on the lake in his boat as usual at dawn. He was hoping that today would be his lucky day, the day that he would catch the legendary big on that haunted the lake and had eluded capture by generations of fishermen. Some of the youngsters thought that the story of the big one was just an urban legend and the big one did not actually exist.

The fisherman caught the big one but the big one fought back overpowering the old man who fell into the lake. The big one enjoyed his human steak.

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 Young Sam Adams Channels Dr. Doolittle   (E)
Young Sam Adams Channels Dr. Doolittle for Writers' Cramp

Sam Adams Channels Dr. Doolittle

Sam Adams one day
Went for a walk in the park
When he was ten years old

He fell down
Hit his head
Had a concussion.

Woke up with an unusual power
He could talk with animals
Like the famous Dr. Doolittle.

He was found by a dog
Who leaned over him

“Say kid, are you okay?
You had a bad fall
Better go to the hospital.”

Sam looked at the dog
And knew that the dog knew
That he understood him.
He said to the dog,

“I am fine but will go
To the hospital
Where is it?”

The dog said.

“Over there
I will take you there
My friend.”

And off they went
He came out with his parents
Went up to the dog
And talked with him

The dog waiting for him
And they went down the street
Chatting like the good friends
They had become.

Write a story or poem about a child with extraordinary abilities.

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 Teddy Roosevelt Meets Trump  (E)
Teddy Roosevelt Meets Trump, Sets Him Straight for writer's cramp

One night
Sam Adams had a vision
That haunted him
For many days.

He saw himself
In the White House
Having a one-on-one meeting
With his favorite President.

President Theodore Roosevelt
Old Teddy himself

He told Teddy he came
From the future
2022 to be precise.

Teddy asked him to describe
What the future would hold
For the United States.

Sam did not know what to say
Finally began describing
The nightmare of the Trump era
The never ending turmoil.

The hatred, the passions
The white supremastic nightmares
The neo-fascism unleashed
By the MAGA mobs.

Teddy finally understood it all
And said
He would come back with him
And meet with Trump
And set things right
Once and for all.

And Teddy met with Trump
And convinced Trump
To call off his mobs
Only then can he make
America great again.

Write a STORY or POEM about someone being visited by a well known historical figure with an important message that will impact the future. Include in your story or poem - Who is the historical figure? What is their message?

Choose HISTORY as one of your genres.

Make sure you include your word count for stories (1000 words or less) or a line count for poems (40 lines or less) IN your forum post with the b-item link to your entry in order to be a qualified entry.

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 On the Grill  (E)
On the Grill for Writers' Cramp

20 lines

On the Grill

Joe salamander was enjoying
His day in the lake
When he noticed the humans
Coming by for their annual picnic.

The humans amused the salamander
Who enjoyed covertly looking at them
From his shadow in the lake.

He loved the smell
Of a human BBQ
Complete with coconuts
Key Lime pie
Burgers, and fries.

Later the salamander
Stayed up to watch the fireworks
Not understanding why
The humans made such a big deal
Of july 4th anyway.

As he was just a lowly salamander
After all
And went back to his slumbers
After the humans went home.

Use the following as the Title of your story or poem:

"On the Grill"

Include the following words (in any order) being sure to BOLD them for judging convenience:

key lime pie

You pick the genre.

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 Big Daddy's Dog Light   (E)
Big Daddy's Dog Light for Writers Cramp

Big Daddy was lounging at his club, the Cosmos Club in Bangkok. The whole motely international crew was there as usual. Everyone loved Big Daddy who was an ex-college football player for the University of Arkansas and played for the Dallas Cowboys until an injury ended his career. The concussion that ended his playing career caused him to be able to speak 25 languages. He was soon recruited by the agency who sent him around the world. He specialized in “wet work”. He was forced to retire by the agency, and opened up a branch office in Bangkok where he continued to do odd jobs for the agency. He opened the bar to provide a hangout for him and his friends.
One day his best friend Sam Adams arrived with a birthday present for Big Daddy, a huge black Labrador who quickly became the hit of the bar. Everyone in town came to the bar to play with the dog Sam called “Light” in a wry reference to his dark color.

They sat up a dog house out back of the bar where Light played with branches of the monkey trees in the back garden chasing imaginary animals around the bar much to the amusement of the drinkers.

But the dog, Light, had a darker side to his nature. He knew evil when it walked by and he would growl and let Big Daddy know that the evil ones had arrived to cause mischief. Big Daddy loved his dog, Light.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 How Sam Adams Gained His Voice   (E)
How Sam Adams Gained His Voice for Writers Cramp

Sam Adams
Was born prematurely
Spent his first moments
In an incubator

Born with bad hearing
Bad vision
Bad teeth
And a speech impediment

And a learning disability
But he learned to cope
As he was a genius
Reading college level
In the second grade

When he was in high school
To overcome his fear
Of public speaking
He joined the debate team

His specialty was impromptu speaking
He found that he excelled
At making speeches on the fly
Overcoming his fears
Of public speaking along the way.

That is how Sam Adams
Learned to speak in public
Becoming a good speaker
In the end.

Based on a true story

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, July 2, is Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day . Write a story or poem about someone who is terrified of public speaking, but overcomes it.

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 Summer   (E)
Summer for writers' Cramp


Forlorn lonely memories fill my mind
Entwined with my deep thoughts
Ecstatic feelings of happiness
As the summer season
Once again settles over the land
Enervating heat and humidity
Like living in a sauna
Hot, humid, tropical heat
Unsettled weather
Will this Korean summer hell
Last Forever?

Write a story or poem
* With the word Summer in the title.
* Using, in the body, the words: forlorn, entwine, ecstatic
* With the word forever in the last line.

Remember to bold the required words to help your judge (and to fulfill the contest's entry requirements).
NB: No need to embolden 'summer', since, because it's in the title, it's already easy to find. Besides, formatting doesn't work there.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Morning coffee Serpent’s Tail   (E)
Morning coffee Serpent’s Tail for Poet's Place

Morning coffee Serpent’s Tail

Morning coffee
Good morning blues
News depressing me
Tea calming my mood
Food helps me cope
Dope smells in my mind
Wine at night
Morning coffee

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 What To Do About People’s Park?  (E)
What To Do About People’s Park? for Daily Flash

What To Do About People’s Park?

What To Do About People’s Park?

Sam Adams was a politician in Berkeley, California. He had grown up in the 60s and 70s and was well known among the local political elite. He served for many years on the Berkeley city council serving as the head of the more moderate faction among the divided city council. Constantly reminding the other members of the city council that they were elected to solve the day-to-day problems of the citizens of the city and not to get involved with things beyond the control of the city or the scope of their duties. Reminding his friends and foes alike that

“We don’t have time for this”.

made him an enemy of the hard-core left-wing faction who was constantly demanding the city take on all sorts of challenges way beyond that of a typical medium-sized California city. They denounced him as a closet conservative, or as a tool of the local business community, the evil University of California, or the real estate developers who were trying to build desperately needed housing.

It all came to a head one day when the city council was asked to weigh in on the issue of what to do about “People’s Park” that fabled piece of land that had engendered so much strife and demonstrations back in the fabled 60s. To Sam and his friends, “peoples park” was an eyesore, a homeless encampment in the heart of the University district that should be developed into much-needed housing and services. He felt that the University’s offer to develop housing at the park while maintaining a small park in the middle of the site was a reasonable use of the land. He was soon denounced as an “enemy of the people”, which he soon adopted as his campaign slogan.

Write a story that includes the line: “We don’t have time for this.”
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 {b}Don't think twice, it's allright{/b}  (E)
{b}Don't think twice, it's allright{/b} for writer's cramp

Don't think twice, it's allright
Just another day in paradise
With you and me.

Living for this moment
This day just another day
In our life.

As we travel through the universe
Together with our fellow brothers
And sisters.

It is all part of the divine plan
For you and me
So relax and enjoy the ride
Don’t think twice, it’s all right
It is all good in the end.

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Money Talks   (E)
Money Talks for Daily Flash

Money Talks

Big Daddy, Sam Adams, and Jake Lee, three old CIA spooks found themselves retired in Bangkok, Thailand, and got together to go out for a night on the town. Big Daddy was a big ex-football player from the University of Arkansas and the Dallas Cowboys. He had joined the agency when his professional career ended due to a football injury, a concussion that caused him to suddenly be able to learn languages, and soon he was fluent in 20 different languages, a fact that led to the agency hiring him.

Sam Adams found himself in the agency’s basic training facility, ‘the farm” with Big Daddy and Jake Lee. Sam had gotten into the agency because well he had a pan-ethnic look and could pass for almost anyone in the world. He too had a knack for languages.

Jake Lee got in because the agency had to hire more Asian Americans and he had distant relatives in North Korea and was a genius at computer hacking.
The three of them excelled and kept in touch and found themselves in Bangkok on that Friday night, Big Daddy told them that he was in the market for buying a club in Soi Cowboy. The club would be their headquarters for their various illicit enterprises including covert stuff they continued to do for the company.

When they got to the Cosmos Club the manager, a tough old woman named Kuhn Lek took one look at the motley crew and said

“Sorry we are closed”

Big Daddy pointed out that the club had a lot of patrons still in it.
She smiled and said,

Big Daddy slipped her 500 dollars and she said smiled,

“Money talks, Welcome to paradise my new best friends.”
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Sam Adams Felt Run Down   (E)
Sam Adams Felt Run Down for Writer's Cramp

Sam Adams
Felt old
Run down
Waiting for the end
Of his time on earth.

So much pain
So many scars
So many injuries.

Having cheated death
22 times
14 operations
Saved his leg.

But the scars
And he felt them

Every day he felt
That his end
Was coming soon
Sooner than he wanted.

He got up
walked to his bed.

Laying down
Just for a moment
Waiting for the pain
To die down.

Waiting for the end
To come.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Buddha Cat   (E)
Buddha Cat for Test Your Poetry

Buddha Cat

The Buddha cat
Was more than simply a cat
That lives in a typical
Suburban townhouse.

He was a special cat
He was a Buddha cat
Every day he would sit
In perfect meditation.

He would tune in
Lost in his inner world
Deep In the cat universe
Looking at me with Buddha eyes.
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I like the repetition of words. Is this a specific form of poetry or did you make it up on your own?
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