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*BalloonB* *Quill* *BalloonG* Happy 2nd WdC Anniversary, JDennis! *BalloonG* *Quill* *BalloonB*
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Thank you PWheeler,

I'll be around as long as the good Lord see fit. We're close, so I think it will be a bit longer.

Happy anniversary, my dear friend! Here's to many more to come! *HeartG*
Thank you Rustika. I'll be around if you will. I might be moving slower these days, but I'm still here, still kickin', and still looking forward to your next story.
Time to CELEBRATE...

Let's get this PARTY started...
while practicing Social distancing of course! *Bigsmile*
Thank you, tblakely. That's my favorite dance. Although I can never perform it without falling down. These days that is quite dangerous.

*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
Thank you Prosperous Snow. I've enjoyed every moment and hope to enjoy many more.
I didn't even know that I had a notebook until just recently and I still don't know what to do with it. I am a quick study, though, so if anyone sees this and wants to tutor me, it shouldn't take more than a couple of years of hard work on both our parts. Until then, I guess I'll just ramble on to myself about those things no one else will listen to me about. Like this little note.
You are hilarious!!! *Rolling*

Main points...

- You'll see the notebook entries on your personal newsfeed from folks you have fanned or favorited.

- I really encourage you to check out the community newsfeed. (To do so, just click "View the Community Newsfeed" button near the top-ish under where it has the "Share what's happening with you..." box.) I found you on the community newsfeed, so there's lots of cool folks you wouldn't meet otherwise and they are often advertising lots of activities you wouldn't know about otherwise. *Wink*

- Your noteBOOK is public. Your notePAD is private! Very important to remember the difference. *Rolling*

- To link a newfeed post, though we often call them posts, they are actually notes, so you need to use "note." {note: can link a note, yours or someone else's, of course. "Note: I didn't even know that I had a notebook unti..." That's your note and I liked it by doing {note:656474}. (You get the number from that little arrow-type thing in the upper right corner of your note, but if it's your note, then of course, it auto-populates like most everything else here if it's one of the most recent things you did.) Just to make sure we're all all the same page, to link to a forum post, you'd do {post:

- You can edit your notebook note by clicking the arrow thingy in the upper right corner of your post (which is really a note since it's on the newsfeed, but whatever, most folks call them a post, as previously mentioned). If you need to edit it again, you need to refresh the page in order for an edit box to appear below your note a 2nd time.

Any questions? *Bigsmile*
Why do I get the feeling you're being humble or at least jesting? Your writing is marvelous!

Anyway, hello. I didn't realise you were new here until now,yet I read several if your items.

Welcome to you, my newest favorite writer!
Just stopping by to welcome you to the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! I don't think I've welcomed you yet, so here I am. *Laugh* We hope you enjoy reviewing with us and it's great to have you. *Bigsmile* I've been busy for all of March writing for this activity, "Wonderland. I wanted to write more for 2020, and this was a great start. I'm going to leave you a message from Wonderland, I'm“one step closer to White/Red Queen/King” *Cheshire* So, it means I'm almost done, and can get back to reviewing! *Laugh* Happy writing and reviewing to you. *Bigsmile*
Hello there! I'm running around WDC to give you these “tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts”. I must find 10 new writers I don't know to give it to, hope you don't mind me popping through. *Suitheart*

Thank you so much!!! I've said this a thousand times over the past 24, but when nothing else works, tell the truth: I feel honored.

Congratulations, darling!
Thank you, Queen Kissy!!!!!!!!!!
... And I wish I had moves like the guy in your video.

on your promtion to Preferred Author!!!
You look great in yellow!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Balloony* Wow! It sure is bright in here! You look great in Yellow!! *Star* Congratulations! You deserve ti!