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Happy anniversary

Cheers Sue
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
A great big thank you to the person that gifted me the upgraded membership! I sit in tears as I write this. It has been a hard few months and this is the positive my writing needed. I am forever gratefull*Butterflyv*
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That's awesome, Jen! *Heartp*
see above.

Happy 3rd!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Thank you!
Saw your post that you're having a rough time and are weary of winter so I wanted to send a hug *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* and offer an ear if you need a chat. (No, you don't know me, I'm just very familiar with depression and I'm a good listener.) I'd send you a warm sunny day if I could!
Hope you feel better soon!
Thank you... I appreciate the hug and ear. Things are getting a little better but still not out of the woods yet. I do this every winter and each winter it seems to hit worse. Big hug to you back. Thanks for reaching out.
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*Cake3* Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come! *Cake3*
*PartyHatV* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Partyhatv*
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I am so embarrassed! I had no idea this was even here! Thank you so very very much!
A week from today will be a year since I lost my bestest friend Moose. As the day approaches my heart starts to hurt a little more. I am tired of crying but I am pretty sure there are many more tears to come. *Paw*
I just had a chance to check my email on here. I don't know who the awesome person was who gifted me the upgraded membership but thank you from the bottom of my heart! *HeartV*
It has been a few months since I have been able to get on here since my old laptop died. I finally was able to replace it and have finally gotten all my stuff on it that the old laptop had. No more writing articles and reviews on my phone! Hurrah! Hopefully I can start spending a little more time on here again.
Have been off for a few months to deal with some personal stuff. Still trying to deal with it but thought I'd poke my nose in to see how everyone is doing. On the plus side I am doing book reviews again and I am working on a novel. I am also still working steady for the local paper. Cheers! *FlowerY*
Welcome back-ish! *Bigsmile*

I'm not sure if you knew this already, but just an FYI, when you post in your notebook, it appears only on the Community Newsfeed (where everything everyone posts in their notebooks appears) and on the Personal Newsfeed of only those who have clicked your Plus sign. Clicking a person's Plus sign means you are favoriting them or becoming a fan. After you click a person's Plus sign, you will see everything they post on their Personal Newsfeed.

What does this mean? Well, since you don't have many fans, it means hardly anyone will see what you post. When people click Newsfeed on the left, it takes them to their Personal Newsfeed. Most folks never go beyond that, so will never meet you. Thus it's important for YOU to go out and meet THEM. *Bigsmile* Of course, this can be done lots of ways such as through contests, blogging challenges, etc. But one of the easiest, IMO, is to hop on the Community Newsfeed and start meeting folks.

When you are on your Personal Newsfeed, you will see "View the Community Newsfeed" along the top-ish part of your Personal Newsfeed. Click that and a whole new world will open up. *Bigsmile* Scroll down and click Like (or Love or whatever) and start commenting on things you have something to say about. Over time, people will start to notice you and will often start wanting to follow you (click your Plus sign). Once they click your Plus sign, they'll see your posts, even if they are only on their Personal Newsfeed. Plus, on the Community Newsfeed you find out about tons of happenings around WdC. Win-win!

Anyway, good luck with your personal stuff. I hope it hurries up and gets resolved so you can come back. And especially good luck on the book reviews and novel! Awesome stuff! Keep it up! *Heart*
Thank you Schnujo! My mind is a bit muddled right now with the fever. I never saw your response til now. I'm not sure why. But thank you so much for the explanation. I didn't realize.
I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. *Hug1**Cry**Hug2*

You're very welcome for the explantion. Be sure to click "View the Community Newsfeed" on your Personal Newsfeed so you can see what everyone else is up to. I even got a MB from someone once because they'd seen me regularly clicking Like when other folks didn't even go on the Community Newsfeed, so no one ever saw their posts. Hanging out on the Community Newsfeed not only helps others feel "seen," but also helps you make more friends and fans. *Smile* Not to mention, all the cool activities you see advertised. *Bigsmile*

Be safe and I hope you feel better! *Hug*
The husband and I might have the crude. Trying not to freak out. Good thoughts welcomed so that it doesn't get much worse. *Worry*
Good thoughts coming your way!
Sending Good Thoughts.
Over six inches of snow dumped last night. Internet sketchy at best. Can't keep the laptop logged in for very long before it loses connection. Please send warmth and sunshine.
A few of you have been asking where I was of late. Between life and the internet (the joys of living out in the middle of nowhere) I haven't been able to get on here much. Thank you for remembering me!
I want to thank everyone who has gotten in touch with me. I've not been on very much due to personal issues. I hit a deep depression and then coming out of that I had to put one of my beloved dogs to sleep. I am still trying to deal with that and not fall back down into the pit. So please be patient. I will try to stop in and atleast check on everyone every few days.
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We are here for you Jen, remember that. *Hug* *Heart*
Hi, Jenstrying! I hope you're feeling better now. After all, who wants to be sick for a month? I was stationed at the Presidio for 6 years, and often had cause to drive by Laguna Seca. I never worked any of the races, but I did get to work the parking lot at a Pebble Beach Pro-Am once. It was very cool!
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Nice! I miss Monterey in so many ways but I don't think I would make it there. I will keep my happy memories.
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