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"Note: Kiya's Lockdown Chall..."

Better get in quick - it only lasts 24 hours!!



Inspired by the video in my last post "Note: For any musical fans out ther..."

I decided to write one of my own....

If you don't know Les Miserables, or the original "At the End of the Day" - the clip from the film is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QytyoGfwPnY

At The End Of The Day – COVID-19 Version

"At the end of the day you turn off your computer
And you don’t need to rush to a bus or a train
You don’t cycle, you don’t walk,
And there’s no need to deal with the traffic
One more day working from home, what is it for?
Stay at home and you save lives.

At the end of the day you can switch on your Netflix
Where you see all the boxsets you’re going to watch
And the runners hurry past,
‘Cause they don’t want to pick up the virus
And the plague is coming on fast, ready to kill!
Stay at home and you save lives.

At the end of the day you don’t take off your make-up
And there’s no need to shower or shampoo your hair,
And you stuff yourself with snacks,
‘Cause you’re living in trackies’ and T-shirts
Well you might have a bit of a stretch-
But there’s no need to physically exert,
You can save lives your very own way!
At the end of the day.

At the end of the day you can walk down to Tesco.
Keep two metres apart and nothing will be said

There are children back at home
And the children have got to be fed
But the takeaway shops are all closed
And with some dread…..

…Time to turn on the cooker.

At the end of the day it’s another day over
With enough tins of baked beans to last for a month.
Get the wines in, get the beers –
Lift your spirits as long as you’re able,
Keep on smiling through your fears,
In the future this will be a fable.
In our homes we all must stay!
At the end of the day.


Can you write a COVID-19 based parody of a song from a musical (doesn't have to be Les Mis.) Post them here, either directly or as an item, my favourite will get a MERIT BADGE. If I have more than one favourite, I will maybe give more than one MERIT BADGE! Ends Sunday night......

*Music1* *Music2* *Music1*

Um...if it's posted as an item, is there a rating limit?

Asking for a friend.
No, no rating limit - but I will warn I am not really a fan of "erotica" *Laugh* This note is labelled 18+, so you can post anything up to 18+ rating.
Awesome! Great and fun idea! I'm not that clever to come up with something, but my brother sent this Queen Parody to me and it's pretty good.

For any musical fans out there.....

THIS......*Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*

Sorry if I offended ..
Audrey Plaza has a long list of comedies and paranormal
character roles..You can Google her or see her on YouTube.

Keep writing!

Bob County
"2) Post an update on the community newsfeed with your plans for the weekend."

Sorry, but I am confused as to how this is possible *Laugh* *Laugh* *Shock*

It's hard enough at the best of times - One of the good things about Coronavirus surely is not needing to tell anyone what your "Plans" Are?!?!?

Or is it just me.......... *Rolleyes*

Fivesixer - This would be the optimal time to have a mansion! Or well, even just a house *Rolleyes* *Laugh*
Downsized from a big house to a 400sqft apartment at the worst possible time !

The hubs and I agreed to switch spots on the couch just to change it up.

PS: I want my spot back.
@ Jayne - How could we have seen it coming?!?
ArE you living through COVID-19??

Would you like a TRINkEt?


Of course, it just had to be toilet paper! *Laugh*
Don't mind if I do before it's all gone!
You remind of Audrey Plaza.
I'm not sure who that is!
How worried are we all about Coronavirus?
*QuestionO* *Confused* *QuestionO*

I’m on the “help-I-don’t-want-to-be-quarentined” level. For a few days in January I stayed in Wuhan, China. I didn’t know any better!
I'm more worried about the nimrods who won't drink Corona beer because they think it's related to the Coronavirus.
HAHA @ Fivesixer That is funny!! *Laugh* *Facepalm*

Oh dear - did you have to get tested!? *Shock*

I agree Annette - I have been talking about this with friends how many people die from flu viruses every year, and to most people it should not be that harmful. Well - maybe apart from the "Be Happy" bit.....*Shock* *RollEyes*
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Thank you *Smile*
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