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Philosophical Thought of the Day

So I'm just looking at all the responses down at "Question of the Day! for today (Great question btw Lilli ) - and I'm thinking how telling peoples answers are - how essentially we are the same, have the same emotions, and want the same things, yet how completely different we can prove ourselves to be, in just 5 sentences - in reality, is it any wonder that we struggle to relate to one another for much of the time? How do we define such different things being important to us, and yet I read other people's answers and think - How would that possibly make your day better - no doubt some people would read my answers and think the same.

How are we so the same, but different?

And more importantly - why has no-one else said "Wine" *Pthb* *Smirk*
If we're going down the beverage lane... we all need water to survive! *Laugh*
Yes, Dragon! Definitely need water! How else will I make coffee?! Good thinnking! *Coffeev* *Heartp*
No I'll have to check out your blog Elle !

True, Dragon - although I imagine that even on a below average day, most of us (In the Western World) would have access to water.

This brings about an interesting point however - as I imagine if someone in the developing world was asked this question their answers may go something like...

1) water
2) food
3) shelter
4) clothes
5) medicine

....which probably goes to prove by most people's answers just how privaledged we really are *Rolleyes*
Does anyone watch this show?

Love it, I want to write screenplay like this! *Laugh* *Shock*

It is on my Hulu watch list. *Smile*
I love it, I found it on Amazon Prime and already I'm on season 2!
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