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Happy anniversary
Hello! I am seeking a partnership with another site member to help me with my writing projects, such as interactives, campfires, etc. In exchange for said partner's help, I am willing to pay for a full 1 year Upgraded Membership for that WDC member, and perhaps can help them with their own works from time to time as well. Any WDC member may apply, but I do have a few ground rules.

1. In order to be considered for the position, you must be at least a decent writer yourself. I'm not asking for professional published authors, but I expect your work to be at least understandable and have a decent length. No super short additions to my stories, or anything like that.

2. I strongly suggest taking a look at my portfolio before applying. This is so you get a feel for what my stories are typically like, and to see if you share the same interests. I want you to enjoy working with me, so if you're not into monsters, anthros, and RPG type stories, you need not apply.

3. That said, however, I might try some new things once in a while, write about a totally different topic to shake things up. Therefore, you must be willing to adapt and try something different as well. If I ask you to add to a particular storyline, you should at minimum give it a go, you might like it. If you're really not comfortable writing about something, just say so.

I hope whoever reads this will consider my offer, and to hear from you soon.

Happy Writing!
You might be surprised buddy.
Unique. Good luck with that.
I sent you an email.
Hello, my dear readers. Maybe you can help me with a bit of a dilemma. I have an idea for a new story, but not really sure what format to make it. Here's the premise: After ruling hell and punishing sinners since the beginning of time, the devil decides to retire, and moves to earth in a suburban neighborhood. I'm aiming for a sort of comedic vibe, following the day to day shenanigans that could arise from such a situation. One subplot will involve the devil trying to find his replacement to rule hell, maybe even interviewing potential candidates, living and dead.

So, what do you think? Should this be an interactive? A series of chapters? Maybe even a campfire? All suggestions are welcome.
I'm holding a contest!

Want to win 50,000 GP? Just make the best addition to the following story by February 5th! Also, I will award 10,000 GP to anyone who can come up with a better title for the story as well. Contact me with any questions.

Hello all! Just posted a sort of experiment of mine, a place for other members to post interactive stories they can't fit in their portfolio, all in a single item! Not sure exactly how it'll turn out, but I guess we'll just see! Know anybody this might be of use to? Be sure to tell them about it!

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This might be your best idea yet!
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