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I'm interested in this guy at my university, and we've actually been best friends ever since primary school, so I'm afraid that that's all he will ever see me as... :'( We always go to each others' houses and say "I'm home", we always take each other to school and visit each other in our classes, we hold hands and put our hands in each others' back pockets while walking down the corridors, and whenever I see him, I always drape my arms over his shoulders and constantly kiss cheeks and hands, while he pretty much does the same, but I'm not sure if he likes me the way I do. I'm really confused! I always blatantly flirt with him and sometimes he gets annoyed, but when I don't do it, he gets sad and sulks. For example, I usually go over the top on Valentine's Day, decorating our dorm, serenading him in his class, love knots in his locker and his favorite books to check out from the library, etc. This year, I didn't do anything and practically avoided him the whole day, but by the end of the day, he looked like a wilting sunflower, so unlike his usual gleeful self that it made me sad to watch, but I was still confused. Anybody that has any clue as to what to do now?
Just tell him how you feel. If he doesn't have the same feelings for you then so be it...
If he has known you since you were kids, then chances are he understands more about you than you may think, he accepts you for who you are, without judgments or preconditions. These are signs of a true friend, a rare thing in today's world. I would tread softly, but ask questions about his feelings about your friendship,

If he asks why you are asking these questions tell him... "Well, I had this crazy dream the other night"

Which he most likely will reply: "Yeah, what happened?"

You say something about a person you both know coming into the room and freaking out because your friend was kissing you. If your friend freaks at the idea you say "Wait you haven't heard the weird part, he/she got mad because they thought you ( meaning your friend) were supposed to marry them. (meaning the person you picked to catch your friend kissing you.)

If your friend is still freaked over your suggestion of kissing, you just say, "See I told you it was a weird dream. What the hell do you think it means? do you think really likes you?

But it goes without saying, if he doesn't freak out, then just kiss him!
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