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Hello, lovelies.

I've been in a bit of a writing slump but have suddenly caught the writing bug again!

Probably because I went to a book fair today at the Mesa Historical Museum. Being surrounded by so many books will give anyone the writing bug!

What's occupying your weekend? Are you "suffering" the writing bug too?

Stay Magical, lovelies! *Heart*
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fri-Yay!

How has your week been going? What are you doing for the weekend?

My week has been... goodness.. hectic. My 65 year old mother decided to go to the store with her friend on Wednesday night to get some groceries. When she got back, she was making her way to the stairs to get to her apartment, while carrying bags that were too heavy for her in the first place. The stairs from the parking lot to the walking path don't have a railing on them so my mom usually prefers to use the small grassy hill to get to the sidewalk. Well... this time, she tried stepping onto the sidewalk and her foot got caught in the grass and she fell. She hit her head (thankfully no concussion, just a bruise. Women in my family have hard heads), dropped all her groceries, and to add the icing onto this nightmare cake, broke her ankle! I spent Wednesday night in the ER with her.

Too tired to work on Thursday, I stayed home and nursed a migraine from a stressful night.

This morning, I was getting ready to leave my house and my car was feeling a bit weird. It felt like something was grinding on the tire, but I didn't see anything. I kept driving about another half a mile from my house when I felt the car pulling HARD to the right. That's when I looked down at my dash and saw the "tire pressure" light was on. Cursing up a storm, I drove slowly to the gas station and discovered a completely flattened tire.

Mind you, this is only about a month after I had an accident where someone almost ran me off the road and to save myself from being hit, I jumped a curb but pulled a piece of the tire off. The people at the tire place said it was fine and the tire should still hold without an issue. My car was also perfectly fine yesterday because my boyfriend was working on it.

I have no idea how the tire pressure went from normal to flat in a matter in a few minutes. I filled it up and managed to get to work, watching the dash the entire time to make sure that light didn't come back on.

But enough about me. How's your week? Any fun plans this weekend?

*Unicorn* Stay magical, lovelies! *Heart*
Hello lovelies!

Tell me, are you for or against Valentine's Day? Do you think of it as a Hallmark holiday? A reminder of single life? Or just an excuse to spend money you really shouldn't?

Mind you! I'm not anti-Valentine's Day. I love the romance of it but I'm still a strong believer that love, romance, and all that comes with it should be shared every day of the year when you're in a relationship.

Share your thoughts and your Valentine's Day fails or successes!
I treated it as a second Christmas for my wife before cancer took her from me. I even redecorated the Christmas tree with heart-plushie ornaments.

Those were fun times.
*Cool* *Mugr* Wow...Let's just say it is a day to elevate what love is all year round. It was pretty traumatic as a kid. "will I get Valentines? Are the ones I'm giving too cheesy? Will any of these silly girls actually think I love them? What if Kathy gives me one this year and the guys think we are actually friends in love?

Then there is the real man behind the day: St. Valentine. His was not so much romantic as it was taking action to help the poor and share the love of Jesus with others. Gotta love that guy!

And so to all my friends in love, Happy Valentine's Day!

With Blessings & Cheers *Glass5**Glass5*

*Music2*~Kenword~*Music2* *Mugr*

Happy Fri-Yay everyone! I hope you are all having a magical day and are ready to take on the weekend.

This weekend, for me, is going to be a slow one. My boyfriend just got a new job and he doesn't start for a week, but since I still have to work on weekdays, he and I are just taking the weekend to ourselves (he used to work Saturdays and Sundays). We live in Arizona and were planning on renting a truck (my little Veloster ((Blue)) won't make it) and driving up to Flagstaff to see the snow! I've lived in Arizona for almost a decade now and I miss seeing the snow. Don't miss living in it, that's for sure *BigSmile*!

So tell me, lovelies, what are your plans for this weekend? Even if it's just cleaning, working, or sleeping til noon, tell me! To make this a bit more fun, tell me your plans in the form of a short poem or like the synopsis of a book! Of course, if you don't want to do that, feel free to just tell me what you're doing. I'm happy to hear from you no matter how it's written!

Stay Magical*Unicorn*, lovelies!
Happy Thursday, all!

I hope you all are having a magical day.

Now I know Thursdays are usually good for throwbacks, but I have a question for you all.

What do you do when you're in a writing slump? How do you help build up your will to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) again? What gets you motivated?

Let me know *Heart*
I look through the contests and challenges and try to find something I can enter. I also try to do some reviews, which helps to motivate me to write, and I also write some comments here in the Newsfeed. It seems anyplace I can write a little helps me regain my writing posture and correct the slump.
I agree with TJ aberrant-Easter-bunny - contests! Activities!

are just an example of each!

Plus the Writing Prompts that WDC gives.
You guys are awesome!

Thank you so much for these ideas!
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