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Decided to upload a batch of ten more poems to my portfolio, effectively doubling the number of items I am sharing on this site!

I had no idea what to expect when I joined this site. I'd been writing poetry and lyrics for almost 10 years, mostly for the sake of my peace of mind... Thoughts and ideas are making noise inside my head and the only way I have found to quiet them is to give them an artistic outlet; be it in writing, music or... well, I can't draw or paint anything more complex than stick figures, basically, but words and music serve me well enough.

Much to my surprise, almost every piece of poetry I have shared here seems to have been received very well. I'm not sure I understand why, really, but it is both humbling and inspiring that these words I have written as some sort of abstract self-therapy can actually be appreciated by others.

Regarding my "novel" (which I in retrospect maybe ought to have created as a serial, but it felt good creating a Book item...), it is very much a work-in-progress and probably will be for some time. I've finished and uploaded three chapters so far, but thanks to a very helpful reviewer (hello, Lornda) the third chapter is due for a makeover. If only I could make more time for writing...

Hey, wait, is everybody going to see this now? I still don't know half of the functions on this site. Better stop rambling, then. Over and out.
You're funny. Yep, folks can see what you posted in your newsfeed. *Bigsmile* Congratulations on your poems being so popular, though. That's awesome!

As for how these things all work, when you come to the newsfeed and post or post in your notebook, it posts to the newsfeed. Anyone who has fanned you will see what you posted. Also, anyone (like me) who clicked Community Newsfeed will see what everyone has posted on the newsfeed (AKA their notebook).

Your notepad (not to be confused with notebook) is private. IMs are also private. Of course, so is e-mail.

Scroll is not private. It might seem like only a couple of people are watching it, but there could be hundreds of lurkers waiting for a game so they can get GPs. Watch what you say on Scroll, even if it seems like no one else is around. *Wink*

I think that sums most of it up. *Bigsmile* Anyway, congratulations again and thanks for sharing your poetry with us! *Heart*
Hello! I finally found a community giving me a good enough impression to make me want to publish my very first attempt at fiction writing. It is a sci/fantasy story with some philosophical, metaphysical and theological undertones. I study for a master's in theoretical physics and, trust me, there's a lot of wacky stuff going on out there which I plan to make part of my story.

I have published the two first chapters of my work, "SHARD", already. Feedback appreciated, especially harsh feedback! No pain, no gain.
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