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Searching, for what I don't know. No, I take that back. I do know what I'm searching for. I just haven't found it yet. Don't know that I ever will. Never have had it up till now. Why should I expect that to ever change? I search and I search and I search, and I grow tired of the search. So weary. Just just need to lie down and sleep here for a while I think. Yes that's it, just sleep.
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... two masked gunmen burst in the room. They demanded all her cash and jewels. But they didn't know was that she was a trained assassin and Ninja. In a split-second she had done a double backflip, kicking the nearest one in the jaw. The stunned gunman stood there holding his teeth in his hand. Another second later the pistol she kept in her boot was aimed at the second gunman. minute later they were both up back out the door, hoping to find cover where they couldn't be seen when the lights and sirens drove by.
Sorry, I'm shaking because of the Parkinson's pretty bad. The last post I actually bumped the button to post before I get it formatted the way I wanted it. Forgive me.
 Escape  (GC)
Short Story for contest Genre: Horror
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I would appreciate if somebody would please review this.

I am very new to short stories and expect that this piece has flaws. I'm open to criticism as long as it's done constructively. For example, don't just say I hate green, say there it might be better color than green because...
Parkinson's shakes bad today. Need my meds but ran out of one. NOT good!!
I am trying to delete item #2116586, but somehow I am not seeing the delete button. I am new here, please help.
Shook some from the Parkinson's about supper time. Not as bad as some nights though
You might not want to read this today, I spend most of my time venting. But here goes.

Waited this morning too long to take my pills for Parkinson's and fibromyalgia. So I started the day off with shaking and pain. Drastic pain. But I'm doing better now that medications have kicked in. I just wish I didn't have to live on pills. Which reminds me I should go to the pharmacy because I'm running out. I don't have any for tomorrow. And some of them if stopped cold turkey could cause very very very drastic side effects, like death. Although sometimes I wonder when I am in incredible pain if that wouldn't be preferable.
Kind of a dreary day today. If somebody on here writes comedy I could sure use some.
Got snow again last night. I'd say 2.5 or 3 inches. Looks like it's starting to melt though. Doesn't usually lasts that long this late in the season. I'm not sleeping nights very well because of my Parkinson's. It alters the brain chemistry, makes sleep nearly impossible. On an average night I get 2 hours of sleep on a good night I might get 3. One of these days I'm just going to crash and sleep all day. I hope it's soon cuz I need some sleep.
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