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*Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* *Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* Happy 20th Account Anniversary! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

Happy Account Birthday!

Best wishes, Sisco. *Heart*
Happy WdC Anniversary!
*Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* *Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* Happy Birthday, Joanne! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

Cat Surprise Birthday cNote

Just dropped in to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Warmest regards, Sisco. *Heart*
Happy Birthday!
Hello *Smile* - Haven't seen you in a long while!

Tell me about it. In lockdown one I managed to keep a semblance of motivation and I was running and writing a lot. When lockdown three hit I think I just lost all my mojo on top of having a stressful time. But I feel like I'm getting back some normality. It's been nice this weekend seeing people even if it has been bitter cold! I'm not so bothered about pubs etc just looking forward to going for a meal when things quieten down. Have you still been working?
Yes I have been working from home now since 18th March 2020! I am still not even allowed to meet with customers, everything is done over the phone or e-mail. I was the same (well not the running or the writing!) but I didn't mind Lockdown 1 or 2 so much but this time it has been really dull and I have just had enough tbh! I think it has a lot do do with it has been winter and I'm a sun worshipper. Also I usually go on my holidays during the winter months.

Yes looking forward to going for meals too!!
I was actually pulled out of work for a little bit and worked from home for around 6 months in total, but my job is a keyworker job and I really need to be there in person to do it. We're back now full time and being regularly tested which helps *Smile*
I've decided to take part in Camp NaNo this year in an attempt to push up my writing *Smile* I've done Nano a few times but never this one in April. Has anyone else done it? Anyone want to buddy up? I'm alicejblack on the site!
Yeah, cruising along. We escaped most of the Covid19 drama by virtue of living on the edge of the world. *Laugh* Kicked Jayden out of home last year, and it's made a world of difference to him and to us, so that's turned out really well. Just Caitie at home now.
I'm glad that you've missed the worst of it. Being in the UK means we're in the thick of it and still in lockdown number 3. Vaccines are rolling out so hopefully some semblance of normlacy will resume soon. We have only just been allowed to meet with other people outdoors/in gardens in groups of six. It's crazy how much of the world this has affected! How is it just having Caitie at home? Do you still see Jayden regularly?
Yeah, my sister lives in Essex, so I've been getting regular updates on the situation there. She's stuck at home with two kids (6yo and 5yo) so I don't envy her at all.

For the most part, it's lovely just having one child at home. No bickering! *Laugh* She is very hormonal at the moment though, which is hard to live with at times. I know this too shall pass, but ugh. *Rolleyes*

I see Jayden about once a fortnight. He comes and has lunch with me (to scam a free meal off me) and about once a month he comes home for dinner.
Hi *Smile* it's been such a long time since I logged in here and you know what, I'm glad I made it back here. Writing.com started my roots in really writing and sharing my work. I was younger (much) when I first created my account but I've never forgotten the site even though life got busy and I haven't had the time to jump in. I'd like to think that'll change but I have a feeling I have a lot of things to get my head around! I'm sorry if I've dropped the ball with anything and I know I've missed countless birthdays and anniversaries, but hopefully I can make up for that. I won't be able to be as active as I used to be by any account but I hope I can stop by regularly, even if it's just to read some of the wonderful work here *Books1*

Welcome back!
Blue Jellybaby, I know the feeling! The world consumes our time, energy, and much more even when writing is sometimes all we want to do. The beauty of WDC is that what we write stays in one place and is always there for us when we are ready to write again.

Currently, I dip in and out of WDC but look forward to the day when writing is my primary goal and objective.

Thanks for sharing because sometimes I also feel guilty for not being more participatory in WDC activities.

Write on! WRITE ON!
Congrats on your day to be highlighted.

Praise A Member of The Power Group  (E)
It's Power's 10th anniversary year! Appreciate a member of the day. Open to EVERYONE.
#2101408 by Maryann

Power's is ten years strong, and I wanted to thank you for your participation through those years.

Siamese saying thanks.

Wow, where did you disappear to?
Nixie, I love that cat! GIPHY?
Jessica - Happy 21st WDC!

Not a GIPHY. It's an animated image. *Wink*

Hope all is well with you.
*Vine2*WOW! Nineteen years with WDC! That's amazing, Joanne!*Vine1*
*Cherry* Congratulations and best wishes *Cherries*

Happy 19th WDC Anniversary! *CakeB*
Happy 19th WDC anniversary!
Happy WDC Anniversary!
✌️ ❤️ 🖖
*Cake* Happy birthday, Joanne!!!

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