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Here is a twisted little poem I wrote for the Bard's Hall Contest last year.

 Don't Trust Cupid  (E)
A St. Valentine's Day poem
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Jethro Tull

Locomotive Breath

Alice Cooper

Don't Give Up

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I came across this by chance tonight. Jethro Tull fans should find it quite funny. I sure did. It is a commentary by a classical flautist on a flute solo by Ian Anderson. She is totally unfamiliar with Jethro Tull before hearing this. Anderson totally blew her mind!

Classical flutist reacts to Jethro Tull (Tampa Stadium 1976) // I AM SPEECHLESS!

Saw them in concert once, and it was just as impressive as you'd think. Peak experience for me. My understanding is that Ian Anderson is self-taught, which is amazing in itself.

I found out afterward that he was very ill with the flu or some such during the concert, and had done an entire set with a >100F fever. Consummate professional.
Robert Waltz Yes, that is true dedication. It is a wonder that he didn't pitch over.

Helene in this video refers to the fact that Anderson taught himself. That is very impressive.

I would give anything to have been able to see Jethro Tull live. I know it had to be an experience like no other.
Very late comment here. Sometime in late 72 or early 73, I saw the 'Thick As A Brick' concert, and was totally blown away. Became a bit of a 'Tull' fan then, but never was a big one. I would be now though...
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