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More she Alpha Coming at you today, for all of you paying attention, (I hope more of you are) The meeting with Cliff Spectre was a bit weird here and there, suggesting there may be more going on, and don't forget the crew needs to investigate the destroyed trailer park. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the link below, and catch up and don't forget to press that like button.
The link will lead you to the werewolf story I am currently Writing for novelcat. Check it out if that's your thing. I revamped the plot and changed a few things around. I've been told it's a fun read.
Okay people. This Vaccinated, Unvaccinated crap has gone on long enough. I can understand the urge to vaccinate the virus is scary business and very real. However, the recent statistics on the vaccines are not that encouraging and are equally scary.
We are not six anymore and finger-pointing is not getting us anywhere. Sure we can blame the unvaccinated, but what about the vaccinated who toss their masks away and forget common precautions? The vaccine makes Covid more survivable, it's not a magic elixir. Yes you can still die from Covid if you've taken the vaccine.
I'd also like to address the Asian hate thing. First of all, can we stop blaming the everyday people for their government's failures? I heard some stories and it ended with, "I don't get it, I've lived in Canada all my life." Yeah me too.
So how about we all take a step back, take a deep breath, and let some rational thought into the equation. We all need to look at our governments and go, "Listen guys, you are being dumbasses, and not really solving anything. How about you all show up for work today pick a course of action and stick with it. Your idiocy is causing more problems than it solves."
Stop the hate, stop the Division, and hold the people we are supposed to trust accountable for their actions
Things are not always as they seem.

If you listen to one source of information and do not get the other side of things you only have half a view about what is or is not happening. A balance of resources that have been confirmed and are from trusted sources should be considered. Many things have happened during this COVID outbreak, There has been direction and misdirection depending on what sources a person pays attention to and what they decide after gleaning every viewpoint possible that has been offered for public consumption. Have you considered what is not being revealed?
Yeah I have considered it all, and I come to the same Conclusion. Both sides are being stupid
Also our politicians have spent a significant amount of time hiding from the public
So I have started my exclusive contract with Novel Cat, so far she alpha rising is doing alright I removed the stupid love triangle and added more mystery and a little drama with the mom and the ex
So glad to hear from you!
Yeah, what she said! *Up*

We've missed you, but then, I guess Stephen King had to pull back on friendships on his ride to fame and fortune. Friendships take time and so does writing to become famous. In any event, we're always happy to see you here! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* We miss you! And congratulations on your success!!! *Heart*
I added this curious beast to the Lion of shadowfen. It is the reason Lebende Dunkelheit became a living darkness. As a human Lebende's wife was taken by one. Lebende became obsessed with making the creature pay for her death. He used all manner of magic in the name of revenge, including dark magic. He ran himself into the grave. It is the hope of the heroes they will be able capture it, and use it to distract Lebende long enough to draw him into the witch trap bottle.
This is the week, I will finally finish the Lion of Shadowfen. 100,000 + words it is now under non exclusive contract on four different sites with a few others asking to sign it. I am slowly going up. I hope the eastern fantasy I plan to write helps keeps the momentum going
Congratulations! And we appreciate you taking time away from your busy schedule to remind us what happens when one actually applies themselves and writes seriously. *Think* *Laugh* Yeah, I'll never be you, but I know you, so it's close enough. *Rolling*
Finishing has been a pain, because every time I visit a new location I have to have the characters doing something. For instance the wedding arc went for a full six chapters because I had to have the MC reconcile with her mother and rescue her from an evil cult. Then Because he male lead comes from a different culture the couple had to duel before they marched down he aisle
Ah, yes. A pre-wedding duel. That's my plan as well. *Laugh*
Alright The lion of Shadowfen will Cap off at about 105-110, 000 words, I am sitting at 96 000. I am hungry to be out from under a contract so I can put my Focus on Scald Crow and Cultivating that shared universe. I plan to introduce Cyrus Tagma who will star in a series of short story adventures, where we will get to explore the world of Scald Crow further through the eyes Of the magical Mercenary for Hire, Silverbolt will be a part of that world, and a few other characters that would be a good fit.
Took my first Vaccine shot, I didn't expect it to kick my butt as bad as It did, but I am back
Make sure to hydrate and let your body rest and assimilate the vaccine.
My first shot mostly made me very sleepy.
I hardly felt the second one, but Third Son (17) had a mild fever and felt under the weather after our second shots.
will do
I was fine the next day, but had pretty severe reactions immediately after getting them. I'm debating whether I should get any boosters since I was there for 2 hrs with respiratory problems with having taken 2 Benadryl since the 1st one kept me there for 3 hrs. *Shock* As expected, the reaction the 2nd time was worse (given that I'd taken 2 Benadryl in anticipation), so I'm not sure how I'll survive the 3rd shot. 3 Benadryl and some oxygen, maybe?

Anyway, sorry you had issues, but you'll be right as rain soon. Take care and like Annette said, sleep and hydrate. *Wink*
Here is a snippet of scald crow

The man dressed in red turned out to be a near-naked imp with black markings along his arms. In his hand, a revolver made out of a mysterious blue metal. "I can't have an eidolon wielder poking around my business." The pistol glowed and illuminated the hand and gave it a purplish color.

There wasn't enough time to hide or take cover. Warren did the only thing he could do, summon the eidolon. Flashes of light and angry shrieks followed the aura as it came into being. Radiant wings surrounded Warren's body as the imp took aim and fired.

The round struck the aura. A hungry flame enveloped him while it licked the walls. Black trails appeared in the wake of the roaring blaze. The extra energy saw the mental timer drop from twelve down to five minutes. By the time the flames died down
Scald crow is killing it 7k views thirty collections on webnovel on Good Novel 378 views 131 subscriptions . Building the audience people building that audience. For that matter every editor that's approached me from any novel site have asked about Scald Crow Down below is a link to a fully unlocked version of the story it's 47 chapters long and climbing. I plan to submit for contract on Web novel once its done in another 40,000 words. Scald Crow is also the start of my shared universe, which will include silverbolt, The characters from the secret revealed, Cyrus Tagma magical mercenary for hire, and few more villains and new locations

WOW! I know I real, live author! *StarStruck* CONGRATULATIONS!

(Just kidding to the rest of you authors out there. I know there are quite a few of you. *Wink*)
Congratulations! Am so happy for you!
Thank you everyone who wished me a happy anniversary, I will be returning here in the near future once I get through a few more stories...ok maybe after I've set up my shared universe...and done all the cross overs...okay I will be back to check on you periodically....Gotta love the writers life
Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was such a long time ago that you celebrated

Your Second Account Anniversary! *Party*
*BalloonV* Happy Anniversary *BalloonV*
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