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I have a question. In my story. Each person in Mr. Reverie's employ is given a choice. Return to who you were, or take a sizeable payout and restart your life with no knowledge of the previous. The main character fears who she was, and most likely will take the second option. Now I can take the story in any number of ways but these three stand out the most.
1. I start the next chapter of the main character in her new life, and Mr. Reverie comes knocking asking for help. We find out who she was throughout the story, and how she came to him first.
2. The story progresses with the main character doing jobs while she agonizes over what she read, trying to decide what choice suits her best.
3. The main character comes to enjoy the work, and chooses to keep on working for him. She now must hide her activities from her friends and loved ones.
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I'm torn between 1 and 2...maybe 1 since she fears who she was and likely wouldn't go back? Good luck! *Bigsmile*
So I scrapped the mystery Idea. it wasn't working. I did get a rather interesting idea. I decided that should you lose all your memories or try to cancel a deal with Mr. Reverie you end up working for him collecting memories. He calls these peoples reminders, some of them go rogue addicted to altering themselves with memories, (Think acquiring skills they aren't supposed to have) Each job gets a little piece of the Reminder back, but the question is, do you want to know who you were?
So I decided Mr. Reverie's opponent shall be an untested detective from a wealthy family, named Vincent Wolfson. (They run a chainsaw and forestry equipment company) He's broken away from his party-hardy friends, and his family's influence, to pursue his dream of being a private investigator. Although his father gave him the first case, it won't be like any other in existence
need more research for the quadriplegic story. In the meantime I found a cool prompt about a man who introduced himself as the lesser of two evils, business card and all.
What I have so far is. He feeds on memories rather than souls. Important memories. Each additional task costs another memory not just any memory either. Ones pivotal to your life. Ive decided on Mr. Echo or Mr. Reverie as a name for the lesser of two evils. When selling your soul isn't a option, call the lesser of two evils.
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WHOA! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! Not that you're asking, but I vote for Mr. Reverie just because it's slightly less obvious, IMO.
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I finally finished the first chapter. I changed Jasper's ability again, something less complicated and easier to understand. In the next chapter comes the fall out of what happened on the platform of discernment
I'd like to thank Prosperous Snow for her review of Back Issues. I hope it encourages others to read it too
So I decided to modify Jasper Rathbones powers. I am stepping away from the magic shape thing, to be honest I think I've overused it. So how do I make him cool, without treading over familiar territory. I went to get bread earlier and it struck me. A magical warrior uses both magic and might to win the day. So to balance out the magic with physical capability. I kept it simple he'll have shield magic. So maybe that was too simple right? It needed just a little more. I decided his shields allow him to create impossibly sharp edges on weapons, and as time goes on he'll be able to imbue those shields with elemental abilities, but it takes serious energy to do, and his magic will be powered by his body.

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A story I wrote with no magic involved. No matter how this does in the competition I am glad I wrote it. It felt good to step out of my comfort zone
SO I completed my short story for the contest. I've called it Back Issues, and the one-sentence synopsis is. How far would you go for your collected memories
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I love that 1-sentence synopsis! I couldn't do that for anything I've written. 1-paragraph would be pushing my limits. *Laugh* Well done and good luck! *4leaf*
I've chosen my plot and characters. I decided to go with a grieving teen and a female Liquidator who recently became a surrogate mother. The teen wants the complete collection of comics he and his mother collected when she died of cancer. They used to own a comic shock but in the face of medical bills, they had to sell it. The liquidator was in charge of settling their debts. Halfway through I'll reveal the teen killed his mother because he couldn't bear to see her in pain anymore. This will trigger the liquidator's guilt over her sister who died of an overdose of fentanyl, and she ignored the signs of addiction. Regardless of what anyone thinks, I have a good feeling about this idea
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I have the first challenge from the NYC MIDNIGHT contest I have to write a thriller about a liquidator and ransom has to be a part of the story
I've never written a thriller and I still have 7 days to come up with a killer plot but first I'll bone up on how to write a good thriller
Writing a killer thriller? Maybe include a driller or griller and they're killed by a tiller. But don't add too much filler. Your character can be named Miller. *Bigsmile*

I believe in you, you great quiller! *Laugh*
"Schnujo" is usually my handle thanks for the encouragement I think..
I entered a short story challenge I'm going in blind as the prompt drops tonight at midnight. If win three more challenges await with five grand as the prize. I'll let you guys know how it turns out
I think epigone is a bit of silly name for what jasper will be. The fighting style copying thing doesn't really work now that I've sat on the idea for a bit.
I've boiled it down to using his soul like a weapon, which will have it's good and bad points. I've tried this idea several times and can't find the right character to affix it too, also what to call it.
I have selected these names.
Cadell This Welsh name refers to “the battle spirit.”
2. Huchon This Scottish name comes from the French word Hugon and means ‘spirit, mind, or heart.’
3.Cheveyo This Native American Hopi name means ‘spirit warrior.’
I like these three the best but any of you has a better one I'd like to hear it
The idea of copying fighting styles is how The Taskmaster was originally portrayed in Marvel comics.

As for names, unless your character is Hopi, I'd avoid that. I like Cadell but maybe Hud-Cadell (magic battle spirit (masc)) or Enaid-Cadell (soul battle spirit). That way you have your own unique spin on it.
Thank you Steven (PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS!) I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind
I'm a little nervous its been months since I put any real effort into my writing check it out I know it needs more but what I got looks alright
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Then it explodes. I forgot to have fun with it, and that's what I'm trying to get back
Hey, jolanh - it takes guts to hold out your writing when you're feeling rusty, I definitely know the feeling. We're here to support each other, and I'm sorry about a couple of the comments you've received with this post. WdC is a safe place to share your work 99% of the time, and my heart aches for you right now. You made yourself vulnerable by sharing your work and asking for input, and you should be proud of yourself for taking that step. Please keep writing, continue to take that step and share your work, and try to wipe your memory of the comments written out of anger – and have nothing to do with you personally, nor your writing. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Peace* *HeartV*
Congratulations on getting back to your writing! It can sometimes be intimidating to start writing again after a long break, but it sounds like you've got a great mindset in place about trying to recapture your enjoyment of the experience. *Smile*
So I've figured out what. Doing with the jasper Rathbone character. Jasper is from old growth one of the last magical towns in the world. At the age of sixteen all children are tested for their gifts alchemy, divination, enchanting, illusion, and healing.
However the Rathbones haven't produced a single viable magic user in over 50 years and are social pariahs in the town. People often say Rathbone hmph when they see Jasper. Jaspers father Lance, is skilled in Woodwork as magic cannot imitate the beauty of the practiced hand and wishes for Jasper to take over. Jasper is terrible at woodworking and wants to be a warrior. His father disapproves
However when he goes to receive his career path it is revealed he is a warmage, the first in a 100 years or so it seemed. I haven't figured out what a war mage can do as of yet but I'll have his mother be the source of his gift though she pretends to have no magic at all
Sounds like you have some more world-building ahead of you to work out your magic system. WdC's own "World Weavers' Network can be great help with building a world so you can be sure you've covered the bases your story needs. (I get overwhelmed when I think about world building, and their workshop helped me organize my thoughts in small bites. It also tuned me in on some cool details I'd never considered before that helped make my world more real – or it would if I'd ever finish the story *Wink*)

There are also lots of other sources on the net to help in world building or building magic systems. I think Brandon Sanderson's blog is one of the best.

Good luck!

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Do I ever I will be looking up stuff, I don't like the term war mage it sounds bland, Ill find something better to call it. However, I like the idea Jasper will be the first to possess magic in fifty years. It gives story options with the mother and father
It might also help to think of what role a mage would play in a war. Would he have access to spells with a large area of effect and thus can damage large swaths of enemies quickly (like a machine gun turret)? Does he have really powerful spells that are difficult to cast but can all but guarantee a kill (like a sniper)?

I've also seen stories where "war mage" means "mage who can wear heavy armor while casting magic" or "mage who is also really good with a sword." That might be a good option for a magic user who happens to want to be a warrior.
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