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Nominated for worst song
That's Cheezy, She's smooth like Velveeta

Nominated for the worst band
Bacon Bits

Nominated for the oddest instrumental
Herbert Twangs six minute mouth harp/kazoo solo

Nominated for weirdest new female artist
Patina Pixie famous for her hit A dance around the mushroom never hurt
It's like hockey but with brooms and one of those big rubber balls you remember from elementary school.

I am looking for star players with strong sweeping technique
Where do I sign up? I have an excellent Four Square background.
It sounds like Dr. Alex Dolittle might be the player you are looking for! Definitely not me. I tend to vacuum my floors because I'm lazy and have it out for the carpet anyway. *Laugh*
There were lots of talented sweepers, but it was my superior technique that won the day. Truly this is an historic moment in the history of competitive sweeping.

I'd like to thank my mom, my family, god, and that little dog who does it's business on my lawn every morning.
CONGRATULATIONSSSS Glad you finally beat a record/bunch of people. (Looking back when you jumped .01 inches high lol)
I can sweep with the best of them. When the dust settles one man will still be dusting ...me
Great wind=bad day
Have you ever burnt the beans?
how to get followed by great wind
1 eat can of beans
2 eat four bean burritos
3. Munch down bowl of chili
4 wait eight hours
5 wait for the wind
6 be followed by the great wind where ever you go

*for bonus points when shopping and the great wind follows you down an aisle quickly move to another so as not to take the blame for how the wind smells.
Call hazmat!
Its hard being a letter conservationist. Its terrible AEIOU and sometimes Y, bully the other letters. T runs the alphabets soup bar and grill. While Z gets forgotten about.
Is that because they get all jumbled and become nonsensical?
I'd bet. It's a tough business to break out in, but once you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's...
AEIOU AND sometimes Y are the bane of my existence
Seven went crazy and ate nine. It was very sad

Zero has gone missing, and eight got another belt.
And ten just wanted to fit in. So she screamed to do it all again!!
That explains a lot. I was wondering why 6 was afraid of him.
I have hair so it confuses all my enemies .For instance,

A man wearing tights and a mask appraoches me. The bright colors are enough to scare a bird from it's nest. I watch his mask move slightly with his lips. "Are you doctor Bald?"

"Yes I am doctor Bald."

"But you have hair."



I rub my hands in an evil fashion, "excellent, my diabolical plan is working."
The confusion spreads
Ah a fellow Superhero in disguise. Wonderful. You see, with me I call myself Fire Wizard. What's really funny was this one time I got "trapped" in an aquarium.

"Hah! I have trapped you in an aquarium! Your powers are useless here!"

"Uh, you must not know my powers."

"It's fire, right?"

"SIKE I can control water! This is my favorite aquarium, by the way. The Whale Sharks are EPIC"
Just FYI, I love scrolling back through your old notebook posts to see how they match up with your new names. They don't at all, and it's perfect. It's just the right amount of chaos :)