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Today is a good day to ask for creative help my chores are done and I won't be pounding away on the keyboard
As per usual today is clean the house day. Where I take off the author hat and work my fingers to the bone in a different way. I planned on having #8 for silverbolt done by tomorrow, but I need to rearrange some stuff. I got bogged down by a character that is only going to appear once.

I still settling on Clara's look too. Red haired women villains are almost common as heroines, as are black haired.

MWA wrestling
....forggon phone
If there was a candidate for a romance novel Lord Wrayburn was it. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He spoke in a tone that kept women turning the pages of said novels.

I just thought it was cool
Silver#7 should be dropped today. I helped my first person who was stuck last night. I really enjoyed it. I learned something about myself. Maybe I am not as bad as I think. I used to think I was light years behind everyone. The last couple of days have shown me I don't have as far to go as I thought. This community has done wonders for my confidence. My biological dad showed VS Thunderhorn to a friend at work, and she said it was more interesting than what she was currently reading and it was a published novel.

Our friend Blimprider saw potential in me, even if I didn't
rinsoxy Believed in Silverbolt and has been a great help
TinaStone Has been a great fan and encouraging.
Miranda Keening Got to me to think about my characters more and how to develop them
I would also like to thank everyone else who read anything of mine.

In spirit of Giving back if someone needs help with the creative side of things I have a million ideas. I have also amended I won't help with incest stories. I know there is a precedent with VC andrews and Flowers in the Attic. I just can't go there, and it creeps me out worse than pennywise. I won't help with Erotica either, for very different reason that nobody needs to know about.

My pleasure, amigo. Now you see why I say that!
My pleasure as well. I’m back in the community as of today, so I will to reading your awesome story. Write on!
Silverbolt #8 is started. I am excited about the small changes to his armor. As a friend suggested going in depth to Ethans training will present all sorts of story options. If anyone read #7 seven I opened the romantic side of the story in am interesting way. Don't worry Constance will be in the mix, the situation needs to be agitated a bit first. I know just how to do that one.
I suppose I should add if anyone needs help with a fight scene I can help with that to. Just make you include weapons and powers and setting.
Okay I want to try something...Far be it from me to offer writing advice, but If anyone wants help with the creative side of things send a link to your item, and I will look it over and offer some suggestions, if any are needed. I don't do poetry given the personal and abstract nature of it. Oh and if anyone wants on the Silverbolt Mailing list send a message about that too.

Ethan was unsure of what to say. Every word she had spoken was heartfelt and genuine. Maybe she confused him with Francis, but he could see how much she cared. Ms. Reynard was not asking for much. What were three hours of boredom compared to a life of adventure? "You have yourself a deal."
Silverbolt #6 is posted Shiny Ones. For the first time in a while, I feel like I have learned to tell a better story in the last couple of chapters. Constance is introduced and in a way that allows me to put the ratchet to her. Ethans reaction allows me to apply the ratchet to him albeit in a more subtle fashion.

#7 will bring Kohaku back into the mix. A couple of people mentioned she needed more play time. Her presence is another strong secure woman. In the last introduction of this character, I forgot to factor in Ms. Reynards reaction to her. I am still deciding whether that will be positive or negative.

I think its time to bring some royal pain to the story.
Ethan turned to look at the back of the room and found a pair of dark brown eyes. He refused to be the first to look away. The brown eyes seemed to agree, and wouldn't back down either. A minute passed, and the other girls at the table stopped to watch. Thirty more seconds, Ms. Reynard and Thalia went silent.

Something passed between Ethan and his opponent. In the depths of his soul, the flint and steel of attraction emit tiny sparks. Ethan does not know it's happening, even if he did, his will to win trumps all.
I dig this

"How are you going to stop me? I already drank a cup of heroism, and I want the rest of the bottle. You can drink with me or leave the tavern, your choice."
So I sorta dropped the meeting Constance bit in the last chapter. I went in favor of action, Lord knows I was ready to treat myself with some textual fun.

More to the point I want that moment to shine like nobodies business.
Silverbolt #5 is finished and posted