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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Hi friends. I've got a new thing. If you like things, you should read it. Wow, such space. adventure

the 'novel' i'm writing has passed 40k words. officially the longest thing ive ever written
started watching black mirror and it's really rekindling my desire to write short stories
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That's the spirit.
Way to find your muse.
Please do not listen to confirmed cannibals.
Educate yourself.
if you didnt read it already, its free again today and tomorrow only:

for some reason whenever anyone mentions a novella, i think of roseanna by toto.

novella novellaaaaa!
homeowner! *jingles keys and laughs maniacally*
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Congratulations! But know that you guys are basically soccer moms now. Your drink of choice is suddenly sangria, please update your blog accordingly.
only two weeks left!

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anyone have any of these? 'the red door' is the closest i came
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I have a "Homecoming," but it's a literary non-sff scribble, so there's zero chance it would end up in CW slush. Kind of a fascinating list and I can confirm I saw a non-zero number of those super-generic titles come rolling by during the first 100 stories I slushed for Uncanny.
why would you do that i typed funky cole medina for all of them
somehow, two people arrived at my blog via searching 'red spots inside banana' ...
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you know, i probably have. and now that i think about it, i think i posted a story about a talking banana years ago.
new round, new prompt, new prizes. get in!
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kishōtenketsu   interests me. a narrative structure that is not based entirely on conflict. i think i'm going to try it.
wikipedia is blank? :o
hm. works fine for me. COMPUTERS!
On the phone it said Kishåtenketsu on the Wikipedia and said, "search again." Works right on Windows 8.1.
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