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Your first wdc anniversary, I hope there are many, many more.
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PS-Love that little math limerick up there! *Laugh*
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Congratulations Jon! Your suitcase just got a cool new color.
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Congratulations on becoming yellow!

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You look great in yellow!!!
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Hi Jon. Read your bio and if you're still jumping ("Jump") after a life like that then Kudos for you !

Had a quick read ' Kimikaze & down in Ozland's story' --- the reading kept me going, with that I missed the nit-picking. Well done.
I'm not a big fan of poetry, but I do enjoy a good limerick, which basically is a five verse nonsensical rhyme - here's one of my favorites:

There was a young fellow from Perth
Who was born on the day of his birth
He was married they say
On his wife's wedding day
And he died when he quitted the earth.