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Thanks for the Happy Anniversary reminder, Lovina !

I see you're a sci-fi fan - nice to know that *Smile*


P.S. The name of my Communications Officer in my series "Star Voyagers" is 'Lovisa.'
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Have you claimed your Achievement Merit Badges?  
Thank you, Annette !
I just did that - thanks again !
Happy anniversary
Thank you !

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Thanks, Lovina *Smile*
Happy wdc anniversary 💖
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Thank you !
happy wdc anniversary
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Thank you !
I started reading your Private Detective story and I really like it. Keep Writing Dianne
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Thank you for your kind words and interest in my story. I plan to do exactly as you have suggested - to continue to write. Thank you again, Dianne *Smile*
Happy wdc anniversary. hope you wrote something wonderful to commemorate.
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Thank you LinnAnn !
Thanks for your review of my short story Out of Luck. I used to live in Florida (grew up there) but moved to Texas in 2010 (man, it's been 10 years already!). Great to meet you Jon!
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A pleasure meeting you as well !

I have relatives who reside in San Antonio, so I am quite familiar with the "Lone Star" state. There's a
LOT to do and see in the State of Texas!


Your first wdc anniversary, I hope there are many, many more.
Thanks !
*Confettigr**Confettio**Confettip* Congratulations! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

For your promotion to "Preferred Author"

Your case looks great in YELLOW!

Warmest regards,

Sisco. *Heart*

Congrats Yellow Case!

PS-Love that little math limerick up there! *Laugh*
Just want to say

here's to being yellow!
Congratulations Jon! Your suitcase just got a cool new color.
I noticed you made the list twice! lol Way to go bud!
Congratulations on becoming yellow!

Many Blessings, Sharmelle
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