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A long time ago I began a novella about a young girl. Like Angelique, another writer's heroin, my Gallia was both ravishing and nearly ravished over and over. Notice I said nearly. The story is only slightly R rated, by the way. When my imagination got "stuck," I removed the story from my portfolio.

Having time now to work on it, the first segment is posted once again. Because I'm offering what I hope are generous gift points, perhaps some of you might read and give me your helpful suggestions on how to improve the story.

I am working on the next five chapters and will post them soon. Thank you.

The Veils of Gallia - Segment 01  (GC)
All constructive feedback to improve my story is welcome. Chapters 01 thru 05
#2091096 by J. A. Buxton

This morning I returned one more novel to my portfolio. It is for sale on Amazon as an eBook, but I really have sold enough to keep my mob in cat food. So, it's now back here for members to read for free.

Because it might be a bit racy for some readers, all the entries are rate XGC. This novel was fun to write, and I do hope fun for you to read.

Seraglio of the Gods  (XGC)
Prologue, mythological main story with five chapters per segment, and dénouement.
#1309275 by J. A. Buxton

Today I upgraded my portfolio back to Premium. This lets me repost the original entries for many of my eBooks for sale on Amazon, which lets WdC members read these for free. So far I've done this to two of the three novels in my Home of the trilogy.

I am hoping any new readers of these will enjoy my stories about Walker and the rest of the people living on his estate.

Home of the Red Fox  (E)
A novel about Walker’s mansion for unwanted elderly people.
#1082587 by J. A. Buxton
Home of the Gray Dog  (E)
This is a sequel to "Home of the Red Fox."
#1130105 by J. A. Buxton

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