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Happy birthday Julie: May your joys be many and your troubles be small this year.
Happy 4th WDC anniversary, Julie. Hope you have been enjoying it.
Happy birthday!!!!
Happy third anniversary!!! *CupcakeV* *PartyHatV*
Congratulations on winning the Best Poetry, Medium Length, Structured category for 2015!

I thoroughly enjoyed your poem!

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A group of unicorns is called a blessing.
Very interesting! (Googled this and was surprised this was true.) *Shock*
There's something blowing in on the chilly night air. You can't stop them, and soon they will surround you. Some will rejoice and look for them everywhere, while some will weep and gnash their teeth. What are they?

Hallmark Christmas movies!!!!!!
For all you people who keep buying me bones, what do you think I am, a dog? *Dog1* Just kidding. *Bigsmile* Thank you guys. I haven't been on much the last two weeks to make it over to the dungeons.
I just casually asked my sister (a nurse) how I could murder someone medically and get away with it. Ah, the fascinating life of a writer.
amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! She understood, but she said she wouldn't be asking her nursing friends for advice. *Laugh*
Elle That's what my mom said too.
excess dose of a drug that leave the body quickly
Hey guys! Nature is really getting in our faces around now! Today it rained hard all morning so that small rivers ran down the road. And autumn is arriving for me in the U.S., which means cooler air and changing leaves. Why don't you read a fun poem about the lively rhythm of autumn? *Leafo*

Arrival of Autumn  (E)
lively rhythm of autumn
#2058813 by Mina~

Beautiful red flowers just appeared in our yard. We've never planted them but they pop up every year. I don't know their name, but I think knowing would take away part of the wonder. It's too dark to take a picture right now but I did write a poem about them:

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#2059246 by Not Available.

As part of my challenge for the "Newbie Merit Badge Project, I want to tell you about my favorite season. That is a very difficult question. My automatic response is usually summer, just because I'm so cold all the time and going outside in summer is the one surefire way to warm up. However, the other seasons have their charms...

Fall is when the leaves change, *LeafR* which is beautiful. I also go out and buy sweaters (my favorite article of clothing) and boots, which is fun. My favorite color is orange, and I get to see it everywhere since it's the decorating color of autumn! And I die for pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and pumpkin pies. *Pumpkin*

Winter does not have much going for it, due to my hatred of cold temperatures. But it does get very cozy when it snows *Snow2* outside and I can curl up on the couch with hot chocolate *MugB* and a book. *BookStack3* And writing poems about snowflakes is fun. I'm getting excited about it in spite of myself! (Another plus: mosquitoes are DEAD. Huge bonus.)

Spring is tricky. You think it's getting warmer and you let down your guard, then BAM a cold snap. But hey, there are pretty flowers, *Flowerw* *FlowerB* and I love seeing the trees bud and bloom. *Tree2* But then again, there's the allergies...yuck! *Sick*

Summer is hot, summer is humid. What else is there to say? I don't go swimming much. I get only a slight tan. But I do love that heat, baby! *Sun* (In a different location or time period without air conditioning, I would probably think differently. But we rarely get above 100 degrees fahrenheit here, usually around 90.)

I have to choose a favorite. Autumn wins! It's the sweaters, boots, holidays, leaves, and special foods that win me over. And it's not too cold yet.

Newbie Merit Badge Project  (E)
Newbies: Want to earn some merit badges?
#2031489 by Cinn
Autumn is my favorite too. Of course, I'm from Maine... so the leaves changing was intense. Also, the other seasons were awful there. Winter = too long and WAY too cold. Summer = super hot and very VERY humid with tons of mosquitoes. Spring = mud... everywhere. *Laugh* An easy choice.
We're in spring now, and I love seeing all the new lambs, calves, ducklings, etc. We get a lot of rainbows in spring too. But summer is my favourite season. Autumn is clear and cold, which is nice, winter is wet which is not fun, spring is unpredictable but you have all the newborn animals, and summer is hot and perfect for eating and playing outside. *Bigsmile* And summer has Christmas too, so that's a double bonus. Yup, I'm going with summer!
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