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What's up? Feel like it has been so long...
It's sad how you do things because others are making you feel that that's your responsibility and not because you wanted to do it.
Yes, so true. I'm sorry for your situation. We all have it from time to time. The question is whether it's just a short term thing or not and whether you'll just put up with it or not. Tough decisions. Good luck!
How can you call "home" a home? If the people living inside are not the people who can make you feel home.
It's amazing and frightening at the same time, how I still keep learning about myself.
I feel you on that one. I feel like I'm forever learning more about me as well. *Wink*
Then I wonder....are the people around me blind? And then I realized that people just see what they wanted to see. I just wanna tell them to stop pretending not to see. *sigh*
Sometimes I just hate everyone around me.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Not You  (E)
About someone you just don't want to have.

Expressing your feelings through writing is just amazing!!
There is more than one way to chase a dream☄
Wishing for the impossible😅
What are you wishing for? Or is it a secret? lol
Should be a secret, coz they say that if you tell someone what your wishing for, it won't come true lol
True, but if it's "impossible," it can't come true, right? *Bigsmile*

I'm just teasing you. Feel free to keep it a secret. *Wink*
It's a good day for me. I hope it'll be a good one for everyone too.
I'm glad you are having a good day! I hope that continues on through the rest of the week! *Smile*
Thanks a lot!
I don't even know what's happening to me😂.
Don't know if this is gonna be a good day or not, but oh well, whatever.😂
Mine was just a regular day...nothing impressive, nothing bad.
Yeah we have days like that, but I think that's better than bad ones😂.