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I edited an older piece of poetry. Would love some feedback-be happy to reciprocate. Have a good day!
A Ghost of Marriage Past  (E)
A demise of marriage from lack of attention over the years.
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I just edited an older poem that I wrote when I worked with ill children. The Delta Covid is causing many younger patients to be put on ventilators and I know what their parents are praying for. Would love some feedback.
The Lost Boys and Miracles  (E)
when your child is terminally ill, a magic place sounds like a miracle
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Edited a poem I wrote a long time ago about plantation ruins in Louisiana.
The Grand Lady  (E)
Poetry about the ole south and the plantations.
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Thanks for checking it out.
Just edited a couple of lines in this poem-would love feedback.
I’ve still got the Blues for You  (E)
Getting over a relationship is always wrenching to the heart.
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Thanks for any input.
I edited a non fiction item that is biographical and fun to read
"Growing Up"  (13+)
For kids and grandkids, I felt a need to grow up. Adults, keep that inner kid alive!!
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and I also added an essay I wrote on my thoughts about "white" privilege.
Some Thoughts on "White" Privilege  (E)
Since this subject seems to be on the news constantly, I wanted to share my experiences.
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If you read it, it is only my own experience and honest opinion. We all feel differently about this and there isn't any right or wrong, just personal reflection. Have a great day!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Sandcastles Reflect Life  (E)
Comparing love to the beauty and recklessness of a sea shore
I just edited a poem that is a simple pleasure during the crazy days we are living in.
Where Words come to Life  (E)
poetry comes to life in worlds of fantasy
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Have a wonderful day!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Some days are Sunny, others are a B*tch:
         "Invalid Entry
I'm just popping up from my Wonderland adventure to wish you a pleasant day. My stay is nearly over now that I am one step closer to the red/white/queen/king.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Some days are Sunny, others are a B*tch:
         "Starting 2021 with Optimism
I have never tried to write a children's story before with fantasy involved. I would love some feedback. Thanks for the input.
A Kid Must Save a Dangerous Monster  (E)
You gotta save a monster that everyone is afraid of, do you have the courage?
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Have a wonderful weekend, wear a mask!!

Happy Anniversary!
I was just thinking perhaps we should change "Happy Holidays" to "Happy Healthy Holidays" for this season. Does anyone else agree or disagree?

Everyone stay safe with a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. There is a lot of disinformation being passed around and our Covid counts are going up, not down. Please read the CDC guidelines and use the information for yourself and all our fellow human beings.
Keep writing!
This sounds good to me.
Happy Birthday!
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