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Feeling really excited today! I finally got a call back. Interview is on January 3rd!!! Yes the plan is coming together!
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This is great news, K8 ... congratulations!
happy birthday
thank you so much!! Next year Ill be 40? haha BRUH
This has been the most stressful Xmas I have experienced in my adult life! It makes a person grateful and humbled to what we already have. How much more do we need? Is it a need or a want? So me and my best-friend decided to gift each other gifts from in our home that we don't use anymore. Something we think we might get more out of. Our first year doing this. I think we will make it a thing! haha.
What a great Sunday already. Yes, I'm a little tired and sore, but altogether I'm feeling pretty good! Today will be a prep-day. Getting myself ready and set up for next month. Is anyone else doing Nano this year? Let me know, and we can be writing buddies!
I'm doing NaNoWriMo. Currently on day 16 for October Prep and signed up at

NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon  (ASR)
A NaNoWriMo fundraiser... compete as a NaNo writer or donate by sponsoring one!
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Check it out. It's fun and motivating.
Quite a few of us are prepping for NaNoWriMo (though others seem to be much more dedicated than I am - I'm a pantser at heart!) See you on the NaNo Write-A-Thon forum (see Annette 's post before mine)?! *Bigsmile* Feel free to also email me if you want to chat/bounce ideas off someone. I'd love that.
If you just want to do NaNo, then try the
The WDC NanoLounge  (13+)
A nano place to chat about NanoWrimo...
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Happy anniversary
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
So over the last few months I know now I need change. I am deciding on a career change and Im almost 40. Doing my google search shows me that this is more common then I thought it was. Still working on my writing and my business.
Am I the only one who has gone through this?
I went through it decades ago. It was tough. I didn't succeed in the career change; maybe you will. But you will survive. It's a learning experience, for sure.
Well... don't wait. A career change at 50 is no better than 40. Quite common.
No. I'm older than that and going through that right now.
Hello my friends! So there have been a few ideas flowing in my mind with writing and life. I am working on K8s Korner with my daughter, but also putting time aside to write. I find doing more of that at work is actually so much better than at home. Sometimes at home, but rarely. Only if everything else is done around me, I'll sit down to write, and we all know how that goes! ha.
*** I have decided to change my life a little, it's time to go home. My teenagers are growing up. So if they want to drive and find their home, they can. My parents are getting older too, and need me more than before. I think we need each other. I'm also an only child.
Easter was here and left so fast this year! I was not ready for anything. I feel like I am falling behind on almost everything. Sleep is one of them! Which makes for a unrested week. But! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. Ours was fun, and I made lots of food.
Happy Sunday!! It will be a good writing day. Maybe do some research, since I usually don't do as much as I should.
So the other day, let me see what day. *Looks on Facebook to be sure* Thursday last year I went to the restaurant I like to write at and work on my novel. So I told my teenagers. Yes! I am going to do the same thing I did last year. Rushing around I gather my lap top, crystals, note book, pen and small little reading books into my owl bag. Off I went to the restaurant. The waitress brought me a lovely tea she suggested would be a sweet treat. When she came over to top up my hot what I asked her. "do you know what day it is today?" So I told her. She looked at me and explained. "I do remember that day, I was here too. I served you a coffee only...you sat back there," she points to the table I use to sit at.
Awe, I was so thrilled she remembered me! So yes I will continue going to this place every Thursday as a writing treat for myself.
Anyone else do this? OR something like it?
It's always nice to be remembered. *Heart* Unless you said or did something stupid. *Headbang* Then not so much. *Laugh* Anyway, it's awesome that she remembered you since I'm sure it was because you were so nice or beautiful or beautiful and nice or whatever. Lol Me, I can't work with noise or even visual distractions. My focus is crap. I barely get anything done...ever. *FacePalm*

I saw in your port you said you were published. Congratulations! I hope you have your book listed in the 2 places on here for WdC published authors. *Smile* I'd link to them, but I'm on my phone. Sorry. *Pthb*
Thank you so much! I think I am just so weird that people will remember me haha. I like being weird and strange. Also...I would like to post my book in the shop but I am not to sure how to go about that. But looking into it!!!
One of the two places here to advertise/post your book is

List of Published Books by WdC Authors   (18+)
WdC's Current Authors’ published books for the Published Books of WdC Authors Forum.
#1858547 by Joy

The other is https://www.writing.com/main/authors/action/in_print

I assume they both have instructions on how to get your book added. *Smile*

Alright, time change is not always the best thing. My internal clock is all wonky now ha. But the fact that spring is right around the corner is a major plus!
*While spring is on its way, Monica and I are getting ready for the Farmers Markets! This is very exciting for us. This is when people find us, buy our products and ask to come to see us in person. My mind has been swelling with ideas.
What is happening? Few changes in my little corner of the world. My mother is closing her store. And I have opened my own. She has been open for 10years and I have been open for maybe 9months? Just newbie in the home based business world. :)
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Exciting and scary times for you both, but at least she probably has some advice if you need any. Good luck!
And I just noticed someone sent me a paid me membership!! Awee... I feel so loved. No one has ever done something like this for me before. I am very very grateful!! ALWAYS enjoy this community. :)
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Congratulations! They must see you being active. Congratulations!
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