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#1370829 by Katya the Poet
I accidentally liked my own poem, discovering the "Like" button, and I don't know how to unlike it. (I'm afraid now to experiment!) Sigh....
Click on liked again. It will just go to like.
On the other hand, what's wrong with an extra like?
Why shouldn't you like your own poem? I mean, I would hope so.
So where's the "Hate" button for the April 8 stuff? *Confused*
Happy 13th, WDC!
*ConfettiV* *ConfettiBL* *ConfettiP* Happy New Year *ConfettiO* *ConfettiR* *ConfettiG*
And to you, too! (I still don't know how to use my Notebook.)
Apparently I am now in my own notebook. But I was looking for something else. Sigh...
I read your profile and I think we should be best friends. Wink I love it.
"Katya by the Toes" is my new favoritest pun!
Yes, I am sadly aware of the humor, the dark ironic dead humor. Woe is us.
Am I in my own notebook, or yours?
OK, your handle (Katya the Liberal) combined with your costumicon (RIP) is kind of really like.... sad-but-funny? *Heart* from one liberal to another!
I see from my earlier comment that I didn't know I had a notebook. I still didn't know it!