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Trying to get a costumicon but unable to repeat whatever I did last month. :/

PS, is anyone getting these or am I talking to dead air?
I see your post, but there's nothing to add. I just want you to know you are seen by at least a few of us. *Wink*

You can make more fans by scrolling through the community newsfeed (instead of just your personal one) and commenting and liking other folks posts. The more you interact, the more friends and fans you'll make and the more people will see your posts. *Smile* Good luck!
I literally cannot believe I didn't think of that! THank you for reminding me to check the community forum!
PS- Thanks. Costumicon purchased. :D
Oops. My last posts was late in being "published". Please disregard that one. From what I can tell, it actually did publish correctly.
If you can, see my blog for today's [first] entry. I'd rather not explain it all over again.
I'm trying to set up a few things for the new year, but so far it's only going "fair".

I haven't been the most faithful about writing on my account here, but hopefully that will change. I have so much to write.

I'm also writing a (journal/blog). I hope to write in it every day or so.

There's a lot going on for me, but I can't share it all this minute. Hopefully soon, though.
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Sorry things are only going "fair," but to be fair (play on words there lol), it's still SUPER early in the year so there's plenty of time for things to turn around. *Bigsmile*

Good luck with all your plans! Remember, you only fail when you quit trying. *Wink* You got this!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Invalid Item:
         "Invalid Entry
Curious: When we make "lines"-> -------------- or =========== do they count them as "words"?
I'm just giving my opinion. Hopefully someone who knows for 100% sure will respond. *Wink* I know that each place/app/program/etc. that does a word count counts words differently. But on here, I'm fairly sure that the line would count as a single word so long as you didn't have any spaces. So, ---------- would probably be 1 word but - - - - - - - - - - would probably be 10 words. But you can test for sure by using your word count thing on your WdC item. Just look at the word count (click the gear thing in the upper right corner of the item), then type your line divider thing you want to use, SAVE IT, and check the word count again. What does it say? *Smile*
Thanks. I'll do that!
Okay. So I'm back. I'm not certain for how long, but it's looking pretty good right now.

Would anyone be interested in reading my WIP that I started during Nanowrimo? I've shared it with several other people because I'm looking to get it as close to [just right] as it can be.

[Blue Heart] is an older one that I may have shared bits of here in the past. But after going through November with more time and focus on that one story I made significant progress. At least I think so.

I'm really hoping to at least [finish it] by my dad's birthday in January. Hopefully my computer complications won't become too problematic during that time.

I've shared some bits in different places and received some fantastic and extremely helpful advice.

PS-> What's ASR? How about XGC?
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ASR is Adult Supervision Recommended and XGC is Extreme Graphic Content. For more clarification about how to rate an item, check out https://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/699183. (I can't recall how to post a link to a book item and am too lazy to look it up, so I just posted the link. lol)

You might get more interest if you post a link and maybe a little something about the projects you want read. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING A NaNo PROJECT ALMOST COMPLETE!!! That's awesome! I was just happy to make my 50k. It's no where near being a completed project. lol Well done!

Welcome back! I hope you get to stay! *Smile*
Oh my. WOW!
I didn't realize I received an awardicon ~ for stubbornness!!
I also received quite a few merit badges. 12, I think? :O
Over 30 recognition points?!
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AWESOME! Congratulations!
Am I able to purchase more time by using the "points" instead of actual cash?
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Yep. It just takes a lot.
I really have tried. I'll keep trying, but writing a COMPLETE story isn't looking very ... possible/probable. :/
So instead of writing a novel as I originally planned, I changed my thinking to writing NOVELLAS instead. That was "many, many moons ago". And now even that is looking rather impossible. My mind shifts directions so quickly at times that it just isn't looking as if writing ANYTHING is possible. :'(
I have so much I want to say--and write--but things keep happening to make it more difficult to actually write. The most recent of which is when I had to unfriend two peeps on Facebook just yesterday because we've argued quite often since becoming peeps. They are atheists who constantly bring into question God's very existence. They think I'm a fool for believing in a God I can't see or feel or touch.

I've heard so many arguments in support of my beliefs, but I literally forgot to say most of them. And now it's too late. One of them even told me she can't be friends with someone who's as judgmental as I am. I'll admit that her telling me that hurt.

This has brought me to the point of extreme self-doubt. I don't think I'll stop writing, but it isn't as if I've been excelling at it.

I thought I had saved this in a different writing place, but I can't find it. Glad I copied & pasted.
Here's what's happening: I'm failing! Terribly! I keep hitting that awful enemy of every writer: Writers block. And Laziness isn't usually very far behind!

I've been given several tips&tricks from people I talk with pretty frequently on Facebook, and I want to start doing a few of those. But I need someone to hold me accountable. Someone who won't be all sweet and loving and forgiving when I make the mistake of not writing.

Anyone care to boss me around? I'm pretty sure you'll get a kick out of it.
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Gave you some feedback. Hope it helps.
Okay. I'm back. I need to renew my updated subscription so I can use more features, but that should be taken care of pretty soon. For now, I think I'll stick with writing short pieces in a free document.

I do love "free". :D

PS, could someone explain the content rating again? What are ASR, E, GC & XGC?
That's okay. I forgive you. *Bigsmile*
No hard feelings whatsoever.
Now ... I need to know what to do in order to "download" the files. How can I do that if I can't find them?
The CRS is a reference work, and strictly site-oriented.
         While it's a tried and proven example of its kind, there is little point in downloading it. It is not used by Facebook, the New York Times or Cosmopolitan.
YES! I'm back.
I apologize for anyone who had to endure me before. I'm hoping to be much more productive this time around.

Hopefully someone will want to read what I put here. But if not ... it's not going to kill me.
I'm curious to know what the Notepad is/does? I thought it was something like this but I guess it's not?
I thought it was just a place to write down writing ideas for future projects. That’s what I use mine for.
How does it work for projects, though? I don't understand how you can outline in here.
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