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I recently returned to WDC after a few years. I don't recall how to work all the nuts and bolts. But when I figure out how to put you on my follow list, if there's still such a thing, I will read your up-coming writing or even review some. What drew me to your sight is "I Know My Hell!" And your a teacher.
*Cake* Happy Birthday *Cake*
OMG. How are you? I've not seen you on here in so long then again i haven't been on here as much as I use to be.
Real life prevents it but I usually come back.
*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
Poe was a master, anytime I forget why I love writing I just listen to this and it all comes back to me.
*BurstV* Happy Anniversary *BurstV*

*BurstR* Happy Anniversary *BurstR*
*BalloonB* Happy Birthday! *BalloonB*
did wdc get rid of the chatroom? LOL
No. Writing.Com Tools/Chat.
just in case you need some inspiration, I forget some days how good this poem is.. cheers
Thought I would stop by and check out your bio...We share some things in common...perhaps because we both write of what we know about that nobody else can see!

Can't wait to read more!~
I'm totally gonna do this when I finally drop dead..classic
I like turtles!
So SM, how do you move items from one folder to the next? used to be at the top, now the only way I can see is to edit the item and move it that way. What if you have bulk items to move? Cant seem to find it?