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Hey Guys! Sorry I've been absent! Been busy with life. So here's an update:
I have managed to finish two of my romance novels, and in the editing process now before finding a publisher. And I have been super busy with my artwork! We finally got our loan paid off (thank God!) and! my guy may be retiring from the military after Christmas! YAY!

As you may have guessed, I am a horror freak, a fantasy/sci-fi freak and I love romance. So, I do my best to combine the three. Therefore my romances are of either paranormal influences or of the suspenseful influences. And all of my characters connect somehow. Plus I can do just pure horror (check out my story "PAINT") and pure fantasy (see my other story "Seeing the Fey").

So, I shall leave you guys to it. Go check out the new story I posted called "Seeing Death", and do let me have some feedback!

Love you all!

Hi there, you mentioned you draw and paint in your bio. I paint in watercolors, acrylic and recently in oil. Are the pics we see such as in your Portfolio, your creations. Hope to see them posted.

Best to you,
I've become a YouTube junkie lately, watching all sorts of history types of videos and paranormal. So here's my questions:

1. What is your favorite era in history?
2. Have you ever had anything paranormal happen to you?

Here's my answers: 1. From around 100 CE to about 1300 CE. Also, I love the ancient Celts, Scots, Picts, and Irish. And 2. Yes. My Grandpa came to tell me he loved me after he died.
(Era in history) Just after the second world war when people were so grateful for the peace and were helpful and kind to each other. There is a long story here, so I'll save it for a blog. *Geek*

Paranormal *Geek* When my friend was driving home late one night with her mother on quiet country roads and she encountered what she said was like a small craft hovering in front of them. They were both so scared that my friend turned the car around and they fled home another way. *Carr* *Wind* ((((((((( It took her a while to get over this. *AlienG*
This poem is what comes of reading weird faerie stories... LOL! Seriously, I love faeries and faerie lore! And this is what I imagined happens when you step in a faerie ring...


Shadows whisper to me
And I am at peace.
Shadows call to me
And I am at peace.

Here in the darkness
I am at peace
As the faerie folk
Play their haunting melodies...

Shadows cover me
And I am at peace.
Shadows beckon me
And I am at peace.
Here, under the pale moonlight,
I am at peace
As the faerie folk take me by the hands:
And I dance
In their strange little dance.

Shadows cry for me
And I am at peace.
Shadows hold me
And I am at peace
Shadows and faeries love me

And I am dead.
Question of the day: what are some misconceptions about your home state/country? Here’s mine:

Why is it that no one knows where New Mexico is?? We are the 47th state in the United States, having becoming state in 1912. We are not another country, nor are we part of Mexico. (Okay, maybe we were at one point but we haven’t been for over a hundred years!) I always get people telling me that they didn’t realize Albuquerque would be so similar to US cities.

Uhm... what? Seriously? Didn’t they learn their US history??

And I feel fine being IN the United States, I was never out of the country to begin with!!!

And no you don’t need shots to visit NEW Mexico plus the water is fine here.

Also... we are in the 21st century here in this state. It’s not the Wild West out here, and there isn’t a gaggle of natives running around insanely.

Go look at a United States map: New Mexico is that square looking state south of Colorado, west of Texas, east of Arizona and north of the country of Mexico. You’ll see... it’s right where I said it was.

And after you find my beautiful state on the US map, go read a history book about the 50 US states. See? We are number 47!!!

Huh. Who knew?
I went to New Mexico briefly a year ago. It's funny that people think that it's a different country because it has "Mexico" in the name.

I live in Idaho, and people always ask me if I live on a potato farm.
I lived in Las Cruces, NM for a while growing up and I've had people ask me similar questions when I talked about it.
Yeah. Explaining to people the East St. Louis is actually a city in Illinois (not Missouri, like St. Louis) is a similar struggle.
Just uploaded a new story to my portfolio. Go check it out!!!
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Paint  (18+)
When decorating goes wrong...

Please give me feedback on this story!!!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The Qwirn  (E)
A poem about... dragons, of course!
I added one of my own drawings to go with the poem!!! Do leave me some feedback on the art and on the poem!
I'm hiding from the wind. It gets incredibly windy here in New Mexico in the spring. I'm not a fan. I hate it. Especially when the big brown cloud (i.e. a dust storm) goes by!

So, I ask all of you, do you like the wind? If so, why? If not, what do you do to stay away from it?
Hi Kelly, I love the wind, we were saying in Cornwall for a few days, it is a lovely English place with sea all around covering three parts of it. When It's stormy I love to stand holding onto the railings and just watch as the waves churn sands and thrust to the shore. I have been soaked a few times but oh, it is great fun. Plus the fresh air it brings, the smell of seaweed and salt, fish and freshness. Just love it. I have shoulder length hair and by the time the wind has finished with it I look like and alien from planet over the hill.

We all need the air to breath and away from the city air which most times is polluted by petrol and diesel fumes, a trip to the sea or a walk across a country field in great it releases endorphins which make one feel better.

Not to mention the wind and rain mix, adrenalin pump is so good for the soul as long as you don't catch cold *Countryuk* *Laugh* So you guessed, I love the wind. I/we walk every night round the block after the buzz of the day and traffic have gone to park up for the night.

Oh, I am rattling on here, I think it's time I started to do my blog again. Have a great day Kelly. *Heart*
Hi Kelly Lee,

I will trade you 3 months of constant snow fall for 3 months of your wind blowing! Let's look at the positives. You get to shovel hours of this wonderful fluffy white, overly bright, extremely cold mysteriously beautiful powder from heaven.

Now, you sell me yours, ha ha!

That picture up there? That be me about three Halloweens ago!
Oh, my! Been working furiously on my romantic suspense novel. Hope I get someone to take it!
I want to welcome you to WDC. I found you have some wonderful fiction in your port. I thought I will give you some feedback on your work soon.


"The WDC Angel Army.