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Any chance tiny bride will continue?
Due to a recent review of Squishy Teen making me rethink how lax I've been at monitoring the story, as well as a discussion with other authors, I have had to do a rule update.
1. No male on male content.
2. No sexually explicit content.

These additions are being made due to the fact that male on male tends to be written very sexually, but the characters are teens.
In retrospect I should have made them college age, but while I will be deleting chapters that do not comply with this rule change, the story has many wonderful additions and I did not wish to delete the entire story.

I hope you will all understand and respect the changes so I can keep the story up for many to enjoy.
Sorry again and thank you for reading
thanks for the warning, sorry to hear about the changes
never really looked at the description really before

I like your writing. Your parts of stories are usually my favorite about text and about language.
Thanks. I need to get back into writing.
ok ok, very excited, hate my video, hate my voice, my face and the fact that my laptop fans were so friggin loud, but it is finally live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/72855914/myth-and-magic-the-last-wolf woohoo, I might be able to actually focus on writing a book if I hit my goal
woah. kentwolf in the flesh
Haha yeah. Not a great video
Huge fan. Love to see your work printed. Hope to be able to add in this unsteady financial period
I really enjoy A Squishy teen, especially the unaware stuff. are you planning on adding any more chapters?
Great work.
I love every single thing you have written. I contribute when I can and really enjoy reading your additions. Keep up the good work!
thanks, im glad you enjoy my writing. i will keep up the good work :P
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/kentwolf