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I am sixty one, have a degree in English literature from Newcastle University, and I have been writing songs, stories and poems since I was twelve. My first book, Angel War, was published by Fast Print Publishing on Tuesday, 23rd, April, 2013. As it took me twenty six years to write, I felt I owed it to my story to get it published. It was inspired by Chapter Twelve of the Book of Revelation, which speaks of the war in heaven, fought between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels. The Bible only says that the war happened, but not why, so in my book I devised my own version of the events of the war and its aftermath. It may interest those readers who enjoy reading books classed under Bible based fiction, Christian fiction, angel fiction and general fantasy fiction. I am pleased to say that my book now has its own page on the Fast Print Publishing on line bookshop, Amazon, Goodreads and New Book Journal.
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